General Alliance: Daesh on the verge of defeat in Mosul

July 6, 2017

General David Anderson

Canadian general in the international coalition led by the United States against al-Daesh Thursday announced that the organization was about to retreat from the former stronghold in Mosul, stressing that the entire defeat of the militants in the city will be by next week.
General David Anderson, who oversees the training of Iraqi forces, and said that these forces pushed the organization into a small pocket of last resort in the old city of Mosul in the Tigris River.
He added during the contact with reporters via video from Baghdad “can be seen Iraqi forces when the Tigris River from the west, and they face an enemy in its final stages.”
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Anderson explained that the coalition began to deliver aid to the Iraqi police to be able to intensify its presence in Mosul and spread in the city after its liberation.
These include existing aid within containers for all possible police unit that you need to contact the uniforms, weapons and equipment and the establishment of inspection points cars Quartet devices.
Anderson stressed that “the principle, all they need to prove their existence.”

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