Asadi: a few days on the liberation of Mosul announced perhaps hours

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Since 06/07/2017 17:30 (Baghdad time)

Follow-up to the balance of News

Counter-terrorism Iraq commander Lieutenant-General Abdul-Ghani al-Asadi stressed that the city of Mosul was not destroyed completely, and it is not confirmed by the security services on the fate of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, leader of the organization Daesh no information.

He told the German news agency, and I followed / scales News /, “The end of the battle to liberate the right coast of the connector is imminent, and that a few days, and perhaps hours separate us from the declaration of full liberation.”

“The military estimates indicate that the number of its fighters in Mosul now no more than an element percent, if not less,” revealing that “most of them suicide bombers and foreign nationalities.”

Al-Asadi did not provide data on the total number of people killed in the liberation of the city organization battles, and is expected to issue detailed data in this regard after the end of the fighting.

In response to the question in its declarations of government forces from progress on the ground or talk about what a deal to smuggle elements of the organization of the city, due to the lack of pictures or data on the fate of tens of thousands of fighters who had talked to media reports about their presence in the city, he said: “No There are deals, and expect that the initial estimates were exaggerated, and in any case, continuing with determination Fmilitna not pay attention to media conversations, and for images, Valmsouron war correspondents always have their specific sizes recognizable. ”

He attributed the inaccuracy of these reports are either “for lack of accurate sources or to try to disinformation and intimidation from the face of the organization.”

As for his expectations for a number of successful elements of the organization to flee outside Mosul, he said: “It may be there out by editing the left coast, or at the beginning of operations right coast, but almost two months and a half ago, the elements of the organization completely trapped and there is no outlet can escape through it, “likely that” fled went to Syria and not to another place within Iraq. ”

He talked about attempts by elements of the organization to escape in the ranks of the displaced, and pointed to the arrest of many of them in the security audit areas.

He denounced al-Asadi what is said about it has been to facilitate the control of Daesh on areas for the year in Iraq to open the door to Iran and its forces, led by the commander of the Qods Force of the Revolutionary Guards Qassem Soleimani, to enter these areas, as well as what they put forward for the last command of the fighting liberation of Mosul, and stressed that “the Iraqi army does not need So and so, or so and so, and there is no foreign soldier and one on the land of Iraq, the media is misleading, which always calls for certain political positions and opens the door towards Iran or Turkey, and all of this is completely untrue. ”

And the number of civilians and their status within the areas that are still witnessing clashes in the city, al-Asadi said: “It can be said that the bulk of them have been displaced, but of course, there is a percentage of them are still present and this slows down the progress of our military operations, I do not have a specific number for a number of still exist, but always in the case of decreasing the number, there are large groups exiting towards the sites gathered our forces and the direction of the federal police and army positions in every hour, and there are safe corridors for crossing axes on all sectors. ”

On the Russian reports of the killing of al-Baghdadi, said: “No we have information confirmed in this regard, and this does not concern us as fighters on the ground, Valbgdada, or other leaders of the organization, all of them from our point of view the elements Daashah wanted to kill them and cleanse Iraq of them, and basically no longer there is no control of the leadership of the organization in Iraq, and all those who fight in his only without plans. ”

He denied al-Asadi described some of the reports of the scale of destruction that occurred in Mosul Balchaml which reached limit settlement land, and said: “There is destruction in infrastructure and in the souls and ideas, and all this needs a lot and a lot for the reconstruction of treatment, almost 40 to 50% is the scale of destruction in infrastructure in some neighborhoods, there are neighborhoods where the scale of destruction did not exceed the 7% and still maintain its general assembly. ”

He added that “the real problem is that most of the old houses of the city Fajkh by Daesh, the private Iraqi security sectors, the engineering sector is now working to dismantle and disarm mines and explosives.”

He noted that the Iraqi war against Daesh will continue in all his pockets in Iraq, and expressed confidence that the Emancipation Proclamation of Mosul, “would mean the end of the decidedly presence Daesh in Iraq.”

“They may be trying to organize the tails of bombings here and there in Iraq, but I am confident in the ability of the security sectors of our capital and the provinces to address them,” .anthy 29 / m h n



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