In the next two days. Iraq receives $150 million in money from America.

United States Ambassador Douglas Seliman said Wednesday that a total of 150 million dollars would be released to support the stability of Iraq, adding that the funds would be delivered in the next two days.
During a discussion session with some reporters at the embassy’s headquarters in the capital, Celeman made the remarks today, explaining that this is a support to Iraq and its local projects in education, water, electricity and health, as well as to assist Iraqi youth and rehabilitate areas.
Douglas expressed his admiration for the security forces, which are still liberated from Iraq, and there are less than a quarter of a kilometre under ISIS control. ‘ We have a high level of confidence in the Iraqi forces despite the difficulty of the battle, “he said.
“We have the honor of helping Iraq to liberate it from ISIL,” Douglas said, stressing that there are no rockets or US troops in Anbar province.
“All our efforts to the Iraqi forces are through the Iraqi government,” he said, referring to the US ambassador.


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