Abbadi is anticipating the end of the battle to congratulate the Iraqis for the ‘ big victory ‘

First Published: 2017-07-05

The Iraqi prime Minister offers his congratulations despite the fact that the gunfire and incessant air strikes in Mosul are likely to not be the end of the last round soon.

Middle East Online

Congratulations on the unfinished victory

BAGHDAD–Iraqi Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi congratulated the people and the security forces on the “great victory” in organizing the Islamic State in Mosul, while fighting continued in the city on Wednesday.
More than eight months after the launch of Iraq’s largest military operation to restore Mosul, the organization of the Islamic State has been trapped in a small area of the Old City, which has been in control of extensive land since 2014.
“I congratulate all our people, the highest religious authority, and all the brave fighters and all Iraqi families, both in the liberated areas and in the rest of Iraq, have achieved this great victory in the city of Mosul and the overthrow of the fable of ISIL.”
But the shooting, shelling and incessant airstrikes in the old city of western Mosul indicate that the final stage of the battle in the city is not over.
Iraqi forces began their attack on Mosul on 17 October October, regaining the eastern side of the city on January January, before launching a month of attack on the western part.
The incursion into the Old City was launched on June 18 June and is now in the final stages of the attack.
Although the area controlled by the organization is very small, its tightness and narrow streets, as well as the presence of civilians within it, make the military operation fraught with danger.
Military commanders have pointed out that the besieged organization in a small area of the old city of Mosul has stepped up its suicide operations in recent days, in particular using women to carry out these attacks.
Al-Abadi’s congratulation coincided with the announcement by the Iraqi army Wednesday of the liberation of two new zones from the control of the terrorist organization of the Islamic State in the last stronghold of the Old city on the western side of the northern Connector.
In an urgent statement broadcast on official television, the commander of the military campaign, Lieutenant-General Abdel Amir Rashid Yaalla, said that the army had liberated the areas of “al-Khaatabany” and “Tawalp” in the old city of Mosul.
The Organization of the Islamic State lost large tracts of land, which it controlled in the summer of 2014 in the governorates of Diyala (east), Ninewa, Salah al-Din (north) and Anbar (west).
The Iraqi forces recovered more than three quarters of the old Mosul, which has an area of about two square kilometers, the last of the organization’s second largest city in Iraq.


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