Meters separates Iraq from the liberation of Mosul .. the security forces to open a closed civilian streets Ayman

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Iraqi security forces began to open the streets that were closed in the right coast of the city of Mosul, and buried trenches dug by militants to organize Daesh terrorist, after security forces took control of most parts of the city’s neighborhoods and liberated from the grip of the organization, while Maj. Gen. Maan al-Saadi officer anti-terrorism device Tuesday revealed , that 150 militants from the terrorist organization Daesh fighting in Mosul old, adding that they are trapped in the Tigris River adjacent to the narrow area and that’s where security sources confirmed that the eight alleys of popular are the remains in the grip of the old organization of the city west of Mosul.

Military sources said that the Iraqi security forces, “embarked on the streets, which were closed on the right coast of the city of Mosul, west of the city open, and buried trenches dug by terrorist Daesh gangs after security forces took control of most of the areas and neighborhoods of the city and liberated from the influence of Daesh.”

The sources added that the security forces lifted the barriers and obstacles set by those gangs to hinder the progress of the Iraqi security forces.

In Mosul, the municipality and the relevant departments began the maintenance and repair of water pipes and sewage destroyed by the terrorist organization Daesh, in order to facilitate the return of displaced persons and humanitarian access.

Iraqi forces recovered more than three-quarters of the old Mosul, an area of ​​about two square kilometers, the last stronghold of al Daesh.

Was left to organize only a small enclave overlooking the west bank of the Tigris River, and includes areas of the field, Kleiaat, Alkuazan, the door of the coast, in addition to a portion of Shahwan area.

To that said Maan al-Saadi Brigade to a fight against terrorism that “the rest of the elements Daesh in the old city does not exceed 150 element, and they are trapped in the Tigris River adjacent to the narrow area.”

For his part, Mustafa Raad al-Abadi, First Lieutenant in the Federal Police said that “major operations ended in Mosul, leaving only hundreds of meters of approximately 8 alleys of popular Iraqi forces are trying to reach.”

“The federal police are fighting in another box within her old Mosul to complete the liberation of the remaining area Aserjkhanh Street Nineveh market Alkuazan market goldsmiths and Bab Al-Saray”.

Iraqi army and forced the terrorists to retreat into a shrinking area near the Tigris River in the city. But fierce resistance.

And it asked the rapid reaction of the Interior Ministry unit air strikes on only 50 meters away and the clashes were close positions at some point to the extent that terrorists threw a hand grenade at the soldiers.

It is on the platform of the Great Mosque of Al-Nouri announced that the leader of al Daesh Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, three years before the establishment of the State of succession to the alleged parts of Iraq and Syria. The army recovered the mosque on Thursday, Prime Minister Haider Abadi pay to declare the end of the “mini-state of falsehood.”

And as commander of the Rapid Response Unit that more than ten thousand civilians are still trapped inside the terrorists under the control of the region, including people transferred from other areas to use them as human shields.

According to the residents who managed to escape, these are under siege in light of the lack of food, water and medicines in the heart of the maze of narrow alleys of the old city.

The officer said the Iraqi channel that was named revealed that the presence of these civilians impact on the progress of troops dramatically. He added that the directives of the Commander in Chief of the armed forces is to progress slowly to preserve the lives of civilians.

He added that a small region, but progress is happening today relatively well. He pointed out that progress has also slowed down due to the high number of explosive devices planted in the primitive streets and buildings.

Provides international US-led coalition air and ground support for the process in which the fight against the Iraqi army and the fight against terrorism.

      Space dwindle quickly


And grabbing control of Mosul will be limited to the presence of the organization in Iraq a few west and south of the city, where tens of thousands of civilian areas.

The Iraqi authorities are planning celebrations to mark the end of a week-long attack is expected to visit Abadi Mosul to declare victory officially.

And thousands fled already from the old city this week to join the other 900 thousand people, or about half the city’s population before the war and who have been displaced by months of grinding war.

Leaving Baghdadi fighting in Mosul for local leaders believed to be hiding near the Iraqi-Syrian border, according to military sources, US and Iraqi.

US intelligence sources said that the organization of the transfer of the rest of his leadership to the fields in eastern Syria.

The sources did not specify whether Baghdadi is also hiding in that region.

Often echoed reports of the death of al-Baghdadi or injury. Russia said on June 17 that it may be killed in an air strike in Syria. But Washington says it has no information to confirm these reports as Iraqi officials have expressed skepticism.

Abadi predicted that the police to end tomorrow or the day after liberation of the remaining old-centered in Mosul, to announce the termination of the Federal Police objectives assigned to it in Mosul.

Iraqi forces recovered more than three-quarters of the old city of Mosul, an area of ​​about two square kilometers, the last stronghold of al Daesh.

Spin is currently fighting between Iraqi forces and organization in the “old Mosul”, which liberated the government is fully restored Mosul area (the second largest city in Iraq).

It took the process of editing Mosul, eight and a half months, so far, of which more than three months to liberate the eastern side of the city. The shrinking number of terrorist organization fighters in Mosul when thousands of government troops began their offensive to about two hundred now, according to the army Alaraca.anthy 29 / m h n


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