Al-Asadi: the joint pieces began to storm the rest of the old Mosul

BAGHDAD / Press tomorrow: announced anti – terrorism device, on Tuesday, trapping Daesh terrorist from all sides, stressing that the security forces embarked on the progress to free another to revive the old Mosul. 

He said the fight against terrorism , a commander Lieutenant – General Abdul – Ghani al – Asadi, for “Tomorrow ‘s Press,” that “liberated forces launched since the dawn of the day with the side of the federal police and army cuts, progress on the rest of the old Mosul.”

“The security forces continue to fight against the terrorist organization in all cutouts,” adding that ” the forces besieging Daesh from all sides.” 

” The troops liberated the conductor is fighting today in the battle field and another neighborhood to revive the old city,” pointing out that ” the neighborhood mentioned announces liberalization in full over the next few days.”

The cell media war, announced on Monday that the Iraqi army was able to break into the “strongest” defensive barrier to Daesh and killed 67 terrorists in the old Mosul.

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