URGENT .. Iraq announces the killing of dozens of terrorists and destroy the “most powerful” defenses Daesh

 Twilight News    

 57 minutes ago
Twilight News / announced media war a cell enables Iraqi forces to break the “strongest” line defenses organization Daesh in the old city , where the final battle take place to restore the city of Mosul , a stronghold of militants. 

According to a statement of the cell it responded to Twilight News, the Sixth Infantry Division Ten Iraqi army breaks and breaks the most powerful defensive barrier to terrorist gangs Daesh was caught by foreign fighters in the area Katunah and Ras Al Khor.
He added that troops also managed 67 terrorists of various nationalities and destroy large piles in the Shahwani area and the explosion of bombs under the control of two wheels.
He said while the band field of engineering lifting more than 72 large-sized explosive was planted for the purpose of obstructing progress cuts



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