of the organization of the Islamic state under siege .. Iraq is preparing to celebrate victory

Twilight News / fighters of the “Islamic state” continues to fight to hang on the last few streets are still under their control in the old city of Mosul on Monday in what seemed like the last minute desperate steadfastness in the former stronghold. After heavy fighting forced Iraqi army units militants to retreat and trapped in a rectangular area gradually shrinking now there is currently more than 300 meters and a length of 500 meters on the bank of the Tigris River, according to a map published by the Information Office of the Army. 

The smoke covered parts of the old city , which came under air strikes and a barrage of artillery shells during the morning. 

The shrinking number of militant group fighters in Mosul when thousands of government troops began their offensive by more than eight months to about two hundred now, according to the Iraqi army. 

And access to the Tigris River, expected this week, Iraqi forces have seized control of the entire city. 

He is expected to visit the Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi Mosul to announce the victory officially and there are plans for celebrations across the country last week. 

Mosul is the largest city controlled by the organization of the Islamic state at all. 

Including about three years ago , the organization announced the establishment of “Caliphate State” on parts of the territory of Iraq and Syria. 

The fall of Mosul , will represent the actual end of the half reality in Iraq from the State of “succession” announced by the organization three years ago on parts of Iraq and Syria. But regulation is still in control of the territory to the west and south of the city where tens of thousands of civilians live. 

Brigadier – General Yahya messenger , spokesman for the Iraqi Joint Operations Command official television “Victory is very close leaving only 300 meters separating the security forces from the river bank.” 

Abadi announced on Thursday the end of the “mini – state falsehood” declared by the Islamic state after security forces took control of the Great Mosque of Al – Nouri archaeological site. 

And from the pulpit of the mosque of Abu Bakr al – Baghdadi he declared himself the “successor” on the fourth of July 2014 the first and last appearance so far. 

* Suicide attacks 

with the rapid shrinking of the areas under his control given the organization to launch suicide attacks in parts of Mosul , Iraqi forces recovered and elsewhere in the country. 

Security sources said a suicide bomber dressed as a veiled woman killed 14 people and wounded 13 others in a camp for the displaced west of the Iraqi capital Baghdad on Sunday. Announced the organization of the Islamic State claimed responsibility for the attack. 

The United Nations Humanitarian Coordinator in Iraq , Lise Grande said in a statement , “those attacked had fled to Kilo 60 to keep them safe. Many of them moved great distances for help , ” referring to the camp of displaced persons who witnessed the bombing. 

Islamic state said on Sunday it had launched 32 suicide attacks in June in Iraq and 23 in Syria , including 11 attacks on the Syrian Kurdish US – backed forces are attacking their stronghold in tenderness. 

Provided thousands of densely populated old city during the twenty – four hours past according to state television. 

Some were able to escape and said that it is believed that thousands of civilians are trapped there in poor conditions with little food, water and medicine supplies and actually use as human shields. 

Estimates of relief organizations indicate that continuing for nearly nine months , the campaign has caused the displacement of 900 thousand people, are almost half the city ‘s population before the war, and also led to the deaths of thousands. 

The US and Iraqi military sources said al – Baghdadi , leaving the fighting in Mosul for local leaders and is believed to be hiding in the border region between Iraq and Syria. 

According to sources of US intelligence last month that the organization of the transfer of the rest of the command and control fields to the area in eastern Syria structures.



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