Counter-terrorism: 200 meters separates us from the Tigris


July 3, 2017

Military vehicles in Mosul belonging to the anti-terrorist forces

Military vehicles in Mosul belonging to the anti-terrorist forces

A spokesman for the anti-terrorism forces, Brigadier-General Sabah Numan announced Monday in a statement to “free site” Edit Header Alcor area in the old city of Mosul.

Numan confirmed that only 200 meters is all that separates the fight against terrorism for the completion of its objectives in the center axis and access to the bank of the Tigris River forces.

Leaving militants trapped Daesh in the narrow space by Nu’man only a “hidden group in cellars and basements of houses, most of them suicide bombers, some tried to enter the homes of civilians and blow up themselves in retaliation for the reception of Iraqi forces welcome and cheer.”

Numan stressed that the vast majority of the remaining numbers of militants Daesh are foreign suicide bombers, noting that the troops managed Sunday killed 17 suicide.

And prevented the fight against terrorism Monday and the arrival of suicide bombers to the homes of civilians, adds Numan, were killed, most of them foreign women, reflecting “the amount of bankruptcy, which reached Daesh.”

The death toll Daesh since Iraqi troops entered the old city and even enter the mosque Nouri area more than 900 people dead, and the number continues to grow with the progress of Iraqi forces, according to Noman.

Private Source: “the free site”


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