Put the finishing touches to the final declaration of victory

   07/03/2017 0:00

Baghdad / morning
at a time when the Prime Minister presided over the General Commander of the Armed Forces , Dr. Haider al – Abadi meeting on Sunday , the Ministerial Council for National Security, the kinds of forces began rushing to finalize the special resolution of the battle to liberate the old city of Mosul after its control yesterday on new targets. According to a statement issued by his press office, “morning” received a copy of it, it “took place during the meeting to discuss the developments of military operations to resolve the battle of Mosul, in addition to the re – displaced through the security audit in accordance with the timetable and restore stability to the liberated areas.” On the ground, said the commander of operations (coming, Nineveh) Lt. Gen. Abdul Amir Aarallah yesterday morning, the anti – terrorism forces completed editing irons neighborhood of the old city and hoisted the Iraqi flag over the buildings. Correspondent “morning” as quoted by the leading federal police forces , Hassan al – Bayati, said: ” The remains of terrorists Daesh are trapped inside the 500 square meters ranging from high Kulaaat area and bench pond down to Alchkhoan areas that will be freed by anti – terrorism forces in preparation for the announcement Mosul , the entire eastern and western calls all the editor. ”  

طباعة إرسل الموضوع الى صديق 



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