Mosul is on the verge of complete liberation


Progress anti-terrorism and federal prepares to announce the end of its functions

Mosul is on the verge of complete liberation

The Federal Police Command, which holds the southern axis of the city of Mosul, announced Sunday that it will complete its tasks within the next 48 hours, revealing that its forces are fighting in the last square of its functions as federal police in the Old City and the southern axis of Mosul.

“Our forces have completed the liberation of their designated sites and are now fighting in the last axis in the market and the Nineveh Street after the liberation of Najafi Street and the door of the Serail in the middle of the old town,” Major Hassan al-Bayati told Basnews.

Adding that “our forces will announce in the next few hours the completion of the liberation of the axis of the federal police from the process of liberating Mosul after the control of the market completely and the Nineveh Street to take over the anti-terrorism of this axis also and progress towards the field of the last stronghold urging on the banks of the Tigris within the Old City” .

Al-Bayati said that “the sites surrounded by the elements of the organization is currently calling for no more than 500 square meters in the area of ​​Qala’iyat and Daka Baraka to the area of ​​Shahwan, which will be liberated by the anti-terrorism forces and then the announcement of the liberation of Mosul completely left and right.”



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