Kuwait is preparing a security to prevent terrorist attacks in Iraq with the defeat Daesh 



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Since 02/07/2017 16:44 am (Baghdad time)

Follow-up to the balance of News

Lifted Kuwait stands ready to cope with potential risks for the flow and the return of fighters belonging to the organization Daesh of its territory, after defeating them in Iraq.

And it asked the Kuwaiti Interior Ministry, in a telegram to the leaders of the security services centers, airports and border security of vital installations and detective and public security, take all measures to counter this threat, as reported by the “Middle East”, Sunday newspaper.

And it canceled the “internal” Kuwaiti leaves a number of its employees, as sources said that a telegram issued by the Undersecretary of the Ministry of the Interior, the team Mahmoud al-Dossari, Saturday, referred to impose a total book on the employees of the power of the Interior Ministry, in a move aimed at raising the alert status across the country, amid warnings wave “rumors” aimed at undermining security.

The paper did not mention what were concerns about the risk of the return of Kuwaiti elements belong to terrorist organizations, including Daesh where he already faced Kuwait terrorist incidents, the organization claimed responsibility.

The Kuwaiti fears come after defeating the elements of the organization of Mosul; the sources suggested that the fleeing members of the organization seeking to infiltrate across the border.

Kuwait announced, in July 2016, the dismantling of terrorist cells, one of which was planning to blow up a mosque in the area around me, and the other was preparing for a terrorist act did not disclose Amadmonh.anthy 29 / m h n



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