Joint Operations: Ayman edit Mosul soon we reject the partition of Iraq


History of edits:: 2017/7/2 21:2584 times readable
[Oan- follow – up]
identified the leadership of joint operations, the date of editing the right side and the announcement of thecomplete liberation of the city of Mosul , “announcing” its position on the unity of Iraq and calls for thedivision. “
The agency quoted Khar Iranian news spokesman for the joint operations Brigadier General Yahya Messenger as saying , “Nothing remains of the old connector and the remaining space does not exceed square kilometers and where there are remnants of Daesh terrorist and our units , continuing operations progress axes fighting and soon edit the coast right announce completely.”
He added that ” the Iraqi military leadership and the leadership of joint operations prepared plans for theliberation of the remaining Iraqi cities that are still under the control of the remnants of Daesh terrorist represented by spending Tal Afar and Hawija and areas on the Euphrates Iraqi and military leadership first opinion and the latest in the start of military operations in any direction from the Iraqi cities , and we continue to the expulsion of the terrorist Daesh completely from the operations of Iraqi cities. ”
And the possibility of setting a date until the end of military operations in Iraq, the Messenger replied : “We are fighting in built -up areas where the borders of 15 present to 20 thousand people employed Daesh ashuman shields and our duty to liberate the citizen before we liberate land but there is a major breakdown of this organization before offering our units , the heroine , a It refracted is targeted strikes successful and soon we will announce the liberation of the entire coast right. ”
And about the extent of the possible participation of Iraqi forces in the war on Syria after Daesh eradicated in Iraq, he said : “This is the focus of the Iraqi government and coordination with the Syrian government , but now we are fighting inside Iraqi territory and expel this terrorist organization completely.”
He pointed to the importance of the convergence of the Iraqi forces and the Syrian in a common border ,”noting that ” this is very important so that the flow of terrorism came from Syrian territory, as well as theimpact of terrorism on Syria and Iraq , this convergence of the pieces and their access to the Syrian – Iraqi border means cut off all supply routes and continue Daesh terrorist between the Syrian territory the Iraqi territory, isolated and cordoned off for the purpose of elimination while the rest of the territory , which is still located where Iraqi and Syrian cities. ”
and assess the role of Iran , especially the commander of the Qods Force Iranian Revolutionary Guards Major General Qassem Soleimani in the war on Daesh in Iraq , said a spokesman for the operations Almst KE that ” the role of Iran , Musharraf, and supported and supported the Iraqi people in all its battles against terrorism and the fact that General Qassem Soleimani is an adviser to the Iraqi government and the presence whatever there is great support from the Iranian government and the Iranian people to confront the elements of Daesh terrorist and terrorism in general , and we are continuing our work and our coordination with the state Aziz and the neighboring Islamic Republic of Iran. ”
on the role of the popular crowd and the advisory opinion of the Supreme religious authority , Sayyed Ali al -Sistani to gain this achievement described by the Messenger as” an advisory opinion from the highest religious authority judgmental when he gave a fatwa Ulkipaia Jihad after he arrived Daesh terrorist and terrorism to Parties Baghdad and was threatening Baghdad , gave the Iraqi people through the advisory opinion of Sistani and Qanl Daesh. ”
He explained , ” the popular crowd today is among the Iraqi military organization that was voted on in parliament and ratified by the Presidency of the Republic and is now fighting and fighting by supporting back the armed forces and achieved great victories in all liberation battles waged by the joint pieces against terrorism.”
And the assessment of the role of the international coalition in eliminating Daesh pointed out, “our alliance is 60 international , led by the United States, this alliance with regard to the exchange of intelligence and air strikes, as well as the subject of armament , and equipment for military cuts, but we really rely too much on the joint Iraqi – pieces in the fight Daesh terrorist” .
The Messenger “What we are interested after the liberation process that we catch the city of Mosul strongly, do not want to divide Iraq or Mosul , and we want to keep the unity of Iraq and actively heroes where we have given the blood of many martyrs , so we are committed to protecting Iraq in the north to south and from the west to the east and the expulsion of Daesh terrorist and uprooting from the land of Iraq , dear. ”
On the liberated areas but the Peshmerga forces , do you go back to the Iraqi government or remain under the control of the Peshmerga and then join the boundaries of the Kurdistan region answered the Messenger “there is coordination between the federal and provincial government with regard to this subject and coordination high between them because everyone knows its place and its borders and will return this land to the federal government to its rightful place and we are now fighting the remnants of the terrorist Daesh leaving him nothing in the city of Mosul , and also fight the rest of those who control some parts of Iraqi territory will begin operations towards the liberation of Mosul eliminate the rest of the Daesh. ”
Iraqi security forces and preparing declare final victory over the gangs of terrorist Daesh and the liberation ofNineveh province Hatt managed at the end of last January to edit the left side east of Mosul, and still ongoing battles in the liberation of the remaining of the right side west of the city, specifically in some of the ancient city of Mosul areas.

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