Dens .. Last Roadmap Daesh Ayman Mosul

History of edits:: 2017/7/2 23:20 

{Baghdad: Euphrates News} showed published media war map, on Sunday, easing the control of terrorist Daesh gangs in the right side of the city of Mosul, another dens that are still under their control.

According to the map, the areas that are still waiting for Gavle security forces are {field, Kleiaat, and Alkuazan, and the door of the Shatt, and Shahwan, part of Ataiwab}. ” 

Seized control of the security forces last Thursday, the grand Nouri mosque site and the minaret of humpback destroyers also liberated many areas government sites and continues to progress and the liberalization of new areas until the moment. 

The Prime Minister said Haider al – Abadi, said Thursday that ” the bombing of the mosque Aldoaash Nouri and the lighthouse of humpback and bring him back to the bosom of the nation declared the end of the mini – state of falsehood Aldaashah” .anthy


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