of Iraq puts Daesh in front of two options in Mosul

 Twilight News    

 36 minutes ago
Twilight News / Iraqi army announced that the existence of the organization Daesh is confined to a very small area, after Iraqi forces managed to control most of the city , which was completely controlled by the extremist organization. 

The Iraqi military media cell on Twitter front – page “was left to organize Daesh choice but to death or surrender.” 

Iraqi forces were able to clamp down on the last strongholds Daesh in Mosul, after the control of the healing neighborhood along the bridge, cutting off escape routes in front Daesh fighters.

Iraqi forces have regained control of the entire neighborhood of healing, and went to the bank of the Euphrates River. Iraqi forces also regained control of the old bridge bridge (Iron), another bridge under the control of the terrorist organization Daesh. 

The Nineveh operations command said in a statement, that the fight against terrorism forces recaptured the areas of market slogans of the Prophet Zarzis and Abdul Khob in the old city. 

Federal police forces continue to prosecute small groups of militants Daesh within a number of narrow alleys, where some of the suicide bombers hiding in the tunnels created by militants organized to prolong the battle against Iraqi forces. 

The commander of Iraq ‘s anti – terrorism forces, Lieutenant – General Abdul – Ghani al – Asadi, announced Friday that the final victory over the organization Daesh in Mosul will be announced “in the next few days.” 

The Iraqi forces announced Thursday that it has regained the great Nouri mosque in the old city in the western part, which saw the only public appearance of the leader Abu Bakr al – Baghdadi Daesh, in a move considered a declaration of Baghdad , ” the end of the mini – state of falsehood Aldaashah.” 

The announcement of the restoration of the mosque ignited Daesh last week, after three years after the day in which he declared the establishment of “Caliphate State” in parts of Iraq and Syria.

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