National Alliance blesses the emergence of the promise of victory in Mosul

History of edits:: 2017/7/1 9:23 


presented the National Alliance , congratulations and blessing of religious authority and the Supreme Iraqi people , the emergence of the promise of victory in the city of Mosul.

A statement by the National Alliance received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it today , “with the emergence of the promise of a brilliant victory extend our warmest congratulations and blessing of the Supreme authority of His Eminence Ayatollah Sayyid Ali al – Husseini al – Sistani Wadham God ‘s shadow Sharif, and our patient jealous holidays precious, Eid al – Fitr, the feast brilliant victory on the gangs of atonement Aldaashah, and we ask the Almighty to perpetuate his victory and pride, on our people and factions , all of its components. ” 

He added that ” the great victories achieved by our armed forces, various its different forms and buildup, in response to the advisory opinion of the great reference to the highest in the jihad Ulkipaia sacred, constitute a truly epic super – historical in our modern history, line had the Mujahideen heroes, their blood pure, and their sacrifices serious and documented in which the finest images of altruism, heroism , national cohesion. ” 

The statement continued , “While we affirm the keenness of our armed forces, and mobilized the bar, and the commander, and the forces of the National Alliance, and all the components of this people sacrifice, to continue the path of Jihad, until the liberation of the entire Iraqi territory, from the Conception of terrorist gangs, and eliminate the last Flolhm, draw tribute and reverence, the men who made victory, Rejoice their own people, and they made the feast away, and the greeting is connected to the souls of our martyrs, their families and the sacrificial. ” 

The statement concluded , “peace, thanks and love, everyone who contributed to the creation of this epic and industry, or by or say a prayer, or anthem or lament or tender.”

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