Military leaders: Emancipation Proclamation full of Mosul within days

07/02/2017 0:00

 Prosecute terrorists within the remaining meters from the old city of

Mosul / follow – up to the morning 

completed our forces to impose full control over the healing neighborhood as well as edit strategic targets deep in the ancient city of Mosul , witnessing to continue the rush of forms of our units to hunt down the remnants of the pockets of remnants of «Daesh» within the remaining meters of them towards the bank of the river Tigris dispersed them among the dead and runaway prisoner. Edit healing neighborhood was the commander of operations « are coming, Nineveh» announced, Lieutenant – General Abdul Amir Rashid Aarallah that cuts federal police and rapid response was completed on Saturday , freeing the northern part of the neighborhood healing adjacent to the northern side of the old city to impose its control over the teaching hospital buildings Ibn Sina Advisory Bank of blood and medicine atomic water project and pathological analyzes it. He also confirmed the commander of the federal police team Raed Shakir Jawdat, the rapid reaction forces regained control of the entire healing neighborhood and went to the West Bank of the River Tigris in the framework of the final operations to defeat the remnants of «Daesh». As advanced forces imposed control over the old bridge (Iron) linked to President Street Nineveh , which bisects the old city casually into two halves, another five bridges of Mosul , which is under the control of our forces. He pointed out that the liberation Jawdat neighborhood healing process resulted in the killing of dozens of terrorists and the destruction of the wheel 32 bomb and dismantled 50 explosive belt and 150 explosive device. The field, the leading corner said the anti – terrorism, Zia emirate, that the tasks of the machine forces in the old city will end with the liberation of one neighborhood, especially the street and only one separated from the neighborhood, pointing out that our sector embarked on the progress northward to liberate the rest of the old city was left in front of counter – terrorism , only the Jewish Quarter area , about 400 meters from the bank of the Tigris River, indicating that the street one separates us from this warm, pointing out that the army aviation supports rushing troops effectively moving through further implementation of the quality of operations in the fighting, warning that the liberation of the city in full declaration is imminent a. The Ninewa Operations Command has said in a statement: The fight against terrorism forces regained market areas and slogans of the Prophet Zarzis and Abdul Khob within the center of the old city center. As our troops continue to prosecute the remnants of the onrushing terrorists Daesh dispersed within a number of narrow alleys, where some of the suicide bombers hiding in the tunnels created by these terrorists. The killing of terrorists to that, the federal police team leader Raed Shakir Jawdat that our forces have killed dozens of terrorists during the progress of the three axes south of the old area revealed, and continued to clamp down on diaspora remnants of the terrorists in the southern axis of the old city and regained control of the fuel republic station in Bab Lagash collector heel bin Malik in a new door, stressing that the pieces continue to provide on all axes towards the center of the remaining goals of the enemy and defeats the dispersion of its elements. He said that the units of the Federal Police completed the full control of the Church at the Omar Mosque Black Mosque Karar area and garage Aserjkhanh with rapid reaction cuts continue clearing buildings Republican hospitals and the Virgin and minors and the orphanage and emergency dentistry and Dar doctors within the medical complex at Shifa district remnants Aldoaash. Team Jawdat He said the federal police forces killed 54 terrorists during the progress and destroyed seven vehicles and 24 booby – trapped explosive device and dismantled 15 explosive belt and a laboratory for booby – trapping and communications center and found a tunnel containing 40 rockets. He also stressed that Daesh gangs defeated in the areas of Bab Lagash and the door of the new south of the ancient city which made its elements fleeing towards the areas of Najafi and Bab Al- Saray. The remaining tens of meters , according to a senior field commander, the kinds of forces continue to put pressure on the remnants of Daesh defeated unabated through the pursuit of operations operatives who were dispersed into small isolated groups after they arrested dozens of them in the revival of the ancient city during the past few days, amid estimates that the organization is still It controls 600 m only. As the latest pictures of the Great Mosque of Al – Nouri and a beacon of humpback show them remove the flag Daesh, raising the Iraqi flag over it and between the five minarets of the mosque, there is still the minaret of a single list without being blown up by these obscurantist groups. A senior commander in the fight against terrorism , a Lieutenant – General Abdul Wahab al – Saadi, who is in the frontline forces: after the restoration of this area by the machine cuts, our forces are still continuing progress in coordination with the federal police forces and the army of Iraq. We will liberate the ancient city of Mosul fully in the coming days, especially that there Doaash Iraqis, Arabs and foreigners are still in the city. For his part, Brigadier – General in the fight against terrorism forces Haider Fadel revealed the arrest of 40 terrorists, although there are a number of them resorted to suicide for fear of arrest.

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