Joint operations: the duration of the elements Daesh in the old city “will not be long”

BAGHDAD – Iraq Press – July 2: revealed a spokesman for the Iraqi Joint Operations Command, Brigadier General Yahya Messenger, from near Mosul Declaration, Nineveh Center, north of the country, completely liberated from the control of the “Daesh” terrorist.



Messenger announced, in a press interview, on the latest military developments in the liberation of the Old City operations, “the last bastion of the organization” Daesh “in the right coast of the connector’s second-largest city in Iraq after the populous capital of Baghdad.” He said that the ratio is liberated from the old city, only a few parts of the shops is represented areas, “the head of the furnace, and Katunah, and field, market-Najafi, and A’eqat, and Shahwan, and the pool deck towards the river” left them.



He stressed that the terrorist organization in those areas, “hooped from all sides by the Iraqi military units, and dominated Saturday the federal police, the iron bridge or old in the old city.”



He added that the “forces incursion into the neighborhood is liberated from the old city, being of several axes, noting that the duration of the elements of the” Daesh “terrorist in these areas, will not be long.”



And the size of the defeat of the “Daesh” terrorist in the old city, confirmed the Messenger, the great enemy losses both at the level of people, equipment, and the destruction of the leadership and rallies the headquarters of the organization, referring to a press conference for the leadership after the completion of editing the old Mosul operations, declaring detailed ratios and space accuracy human losses and equipment placed their arrest as well.



Messenger hinted, that the elements of “Daesh” remaining in the few areas that have not yet liberated in the old city, mostly from Arab and foreign nationalities – the so-called suicide bombers or Alangmasien.



The Tdrack Messenger said, but the intelligence information we have on Aldoaash remaining, consumed with in these areas.



Messenger said, that there is depletion of these terrorists through the elements, security cuts ground and Army Aviation, as well as detachments using snipers, where he was killed many Aldoaash.



At the end of his speech, he stressed the spokesman for the Iraqi joint operations, that the duration of survival Aldoaash will not be long after the “state of Khravchm” fell at the hands of Iraqi forces, and soon will curse victory edit Mosul, the right coast of the city completely. Q ended

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