Parliament opens Tuesday the final year of its current session


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[Oan- Baghdad]
House of Representatives resumes, on Tuesday, the first session of the legislature enacted the fourth and final session of the current parliamentary 2014-2018.
According to a brief statement to inform the Council “attributed the Presidency of the Council of Representatives held the first session of the first quarter legislative fourth legislative year on Tuesday , 4 July next.”
Parliament Speaker Salim al – Jubouri that the presidency of the Council will adopt in the next legislative term of a new mechanism to attend the House of Representatives sessions through the elimination of all the licenses granted and limited to eight sessions in the event of absences more than a third of the sessions will activate the rules of procedure to end the membership. ”
And that” a team of council staff will begin to register the presence of deputies at the meeting depending on the actual attendance and cameras without granting licenses later. ”


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