Iraqi forces are chasing remnants «calling» .. and the announcement «final victory» soon



Iraqi forces have tightened the grip on the remaining stronghold of the organization in the old city of Mosul, while Baghdad confirmed that the announcement of the final victory and the expulsion of the extremist organization of the city will be in the next few days.
Dozens of civilians fled towards Iraqi forces, mostly women and children, and some of them were wounded by the fire, while others suffered from thirst and fatigue.
Leaders of the city’s counter-terrorism agency said the next fighting would be difficult because most militants were foreigners and expected to fight to death. They hide among civilians and use them as human shields.
Major General Maan al-Saadi of the counterterrorism agency said control of the Tigris stronghold, defended by about 200 fighters, would take between four and five days of fighting.
He added that the creeping continues up to the area of ​​the field, and said «control of its meaning leads us to the Tigris River and so we have divided the old city of two parts, the southern part and the northern part and we control the Tigris River».
In the same context, a security source said that Iraqi forces besieged the gunmen “calling” the general hospital within the medical compound in the neighborhood of Shifa, west of Mosul, after the restoration of two buildings within the complex.
Saadoun Hadi, a high-ranking officer in the rapid reaction, the elite forces in the Interior Ministry, said that “the rapid reaction forces besieged the gunmen” and called the general hospital in the medical compound in Al-Shifa neighborhood, after controlling the al-Batool hospital and the forensic medicine department.
Hadi said that “only rapid response units remained in the general hospital within the compound to announce the liberation of the medical complex entirely from the control of the Daash organization.” On the other hand, Colonel Ahmed Jubouri officer in the command of operations Nineveh, “Nine elements of the infiltrators infiltrated the villages of Tel Darwish And Huweish southwest of Mosul through the desert areas in the region and penetrated deep into the villages ».
“The tribal crowd surrounded the area in search of them and launched a raid and search, but no one was arrested until yesterday noon.”
For their part, denied fighters advocating defeat and claimed in a newspaper issued by the organization weekly that the Iraqi army collapsed and suffered significant casualties.
The newspaper “News” issued by Da’ash weekly claimed that the Iraqi army collapsed and the elements of 300 killed and wounded.
“The battle of Mosul is one of the most important battles of Islam and its lessons will be applied in other areas,” the newspaper said in the headline of the main article.
Meanwhile, the United Nations on Monday expressed concern about escalating threats, especially the forced eviction of civilians from Mosul on suspicion of links to an insurgent who urged those battling Iraqi forces to restore the city.
“With the gradual liberation of Mosul from Da’ash, we are witnessing a worrying growth of threats, especially forced evictions of suspected members of the al-Qa’ida group or of relatives who are suspected of being involved with a preacher,” spokesman Robert Kollville said.
“Hundreds of families are threatened with forced displacement and such developments are very worrying,” he said.
He added that the Commission received information indicating “night messages left in the homes of families or distributed in neighborhoods that warn people to leave or they will be forcibly deported.
He said that these threats are usually linked to tribal agreements demanding the exclusion of each family linked to a militant urged from some areas.
“Unlawful forced eviction and forced deportation can constitute collective punishment and are clearly contrary to the Iraqi Constitution, human rights and international humanitarian law,” he said.
“The United Nations calls on the Iraqi government to act to end the imminent evictions and collective punishment,” he said, adding that “illegal forced evictions are reprisals that harm national reconciliation and social coexistence.”



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