Blackwater mercenaries return to Iraq with UAE copy Baghdad

Mercenaries "Blackwater" return to Iraq with a copy UAE

– Ali Husseini, Washington – the new Arab 1 July 2017

Blackwater, a US-based security services company, came out of Iraq by parliamentary decree because of what was known as the “Nisour Square Massacre” in Baghdad in mid-September 2007, when the company’s elements opened fire on civilian vehicles carrying Iraqi families in Mansour district In the center of the capital, which led to the deaths of 41 civilians between the dead and wounded, including children. The expulsion decision was then considered a popular victory for the Iraqis. But the company has returned to Iraq, through a series of investments and new partnership contracts and large sums of money, some of which pay the Baghdad government and the other way of investment, the latest of which was a huge contract for five years. But it entered the Iraqi market this time under a different name and another address, the company “Olive” security services or “Zaytouna for security services,” and owned by the Government of Abu Dhabi, and is currently managed the same founder of “Blackwater,” former US Army officer, The prosecution has been charged with several counts, including criminal and other tax evasion.

Blackwater returns to Iraq in the name of Oliv, based in the UAE

Prince is the founder and general supervisor of operations and the movement of this company from his residence in Abu Dhabi is the same who manages the company (R2) security services in Abu Dhabi also. The new company was approved by the UAE company Al Zaytouna for Security Services and internationally known as the Olive Company. Unlike R2, which has been conducting “covert operations” for Abu Dhabi in Yemen, Libya and Afghanistan since 2013 in conjunction with the Arab Spring revolutions, with a top management from Erek Prince himself and nine former Blackwater operations unit leaders, “I obtained international accreditation as an Emirati international company in October 2013 through a license approved by Intertek, according to the PSC1 standards, Oliv, “a former US naval officer, Paul Gibson, who confirmed that” the company got the license Mau B review of standards in testing and field work and audit personnel and arms purchases and licenses to carry firearms and method of management. “ But in practice, the company “Olive” security is “Blackwater,” which was expelled from Iraq and prevented from working by a resolution approved by Parliament in 2007, and taken from a building near the Hunting Club in central Baghdad as a branch of operations in Iraq.

Mercenaries serving Abu Dhabi
One of the employees of the company, an American of Lebanese origin, Nabil Shaddad, currently residing in Florida, agreed to talk to the “New Arab” via a closed-circuit television from his residence and confirms that “Olive” is the same as “Blackwater” , But with an Emirati version. Blackwater is still expected to pay him $ 19,800, which it has not paid, on the pretext of leaving him to work before the contract expires. “Blackwater has returned to work in the Middle East through two companies, Olive and R2, which are the acronym for the company’s full name,” he said, Through the Abu Dhabi Emirate, and operates intelligence operations in a number of Arab countries from the UAE.

“The company began its operations for the first time after an Emirati plane was shot down on January 27, 2015, before it landed at Baghdad airport, injuring a number of passengers and penetrating the bullets of the outer plane.” He added that the incident was the gateway to the entry of US Blackwater to Iraq through the UAE company, and held its first deals with the Ministry of Finance for the General Authority for Customs and then regulate the procedures of the ports of Basra on the waters of the Arabian Gulf, and the deal to supply armored wheels against the government and the supply of equipment Security control and review of security procedures in various Iraqi facilities, and appointed a company named Christoph Carvech, as its authorized director as Oliv or Zaytuna responsibility for a number of Iraqi ports, “according to his novel. Colombian mercenaries are likely to be brought to work in the new contract (the Baghdad-Amman road) if they start operating at the end of this year, as they are the least paid, earning between 3,000 and $ 3,500 per month, some of which also work in the Yemeni city of Aden.

“Oliv is the spirit of Blackwater, but the name is different,” said Shaddad, who still has a relationship with some of his former colleagues at the company. “She works outside the UAE, especially in the Arab countries as a US-based international security company based in Abu Dhabi, . “Olive and R2 in Abu Dhabi are the product of the Blackwater recycling process,” he concluded.

The company consists of 3,000 members from 19 different nationalities

Working in the service of politics and security
The president of Blackwater, Erik Prince, moved to Abu Dhabi at the end of 2010 after failing to whitewash his company’s reputation internationally and to drop the company’s annual financial deals, especially in third world countries that are its main source of investment, From changing its name to “Xe Services”. The result was heavy losses, followed by a US court ruling that jailed a number of company members for the first-degree murder of Iraqi citizens in Baghdad. The Emirati contract with Prince Prince came as a “rescue of the mercenary army” whipped by Blackwater over the past eight years before its de facto disintegration in the United States. He brought in the finest members of Blackwater, such as Tom Rex, known as Tom Fusin, Mike Rakes and Alfred Kevin.

Oliv consists of an army of “mercenaries” with more than 3,000 members from 19 different nationalities, about 600 of whom are currently residing in the UAE. They form a large-scale security battalion within Abu Dhabi. And includes a large number of elements of US citizenship, including former US military soldiers, the majority of them Republicans. It also includes Britons, Australians, South Africans, Israeli and Colombian nationals, as well as dozens of UAE security personnel as first investigator and trainee investigator. Some of them, at the rank of first investigator, previously worked with the US military in Abu Ghraib, Iraq and Afghanistan. They have also worked in Yemen and Libya for the last two years. Olive also attracts people of local nationalities in the countries where it operates, but within specific tasks.

The signing of the contract with Oliv took place in the presence of Jared Kouchner

Over the past four years, Olive has been assigned several tasks within the UAE, such as protecting oil installations, skyscrapers, guarding prisons, buying weapons and monitoring citizens and residents registered as suspects, including spying on their contacts. The company “R2” UAE security operations in several Arab countries such as Yemen, Libya and previously in Egypt, where the highest rate of activity before the military coup that toppled former Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi, and beyond. The latest announcement of “Olive” published by UAE newspapers and websites opens the door of employment under several conditions, most notably proving that the applicant has served in a military job in his country with a copy of his academic achievement, and that the applicant is a male between the ages of 20 and 40 years. And made admission open to all nationalities.

Deception of the Iraqi street or the government?
It is true that Blackwater, with its revised UAE version, entered Iraq today, largely after working narrowly on some sensitive installations and sites, but on behalf of the security company Olive through the securing of the Baghdad-Amman road . But a number of members of the Iraqi parliament, including the former national security adviser, a member of the current Iraqi security and defense committee, Mowaffaq al-Rubaie, sent a report to the office of Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abbadi to demand the cancellation of the contract, stressing that the UAE company “Olive” “There is a process of deception to the Iraqis. According to the report obtained by the “New Arab” excerpts through an officer of the Iraqi Ministry of Interior, there is a process of “deception” exercised by the company “Olive” in the presentation of the protection of the international road between Baghdad and Amman early April, A US-based global security firm based in Abu Dhabi. According to the Iraqi officer, who leaked the report, the company is involved in unethical operations in favor of Abu Dhabi in various Arab countries, which prompted the Prime Minister to cancel the retirement with them.

MPs call on Abadi to cancel the contract of the company

Iraqis do not have enough experience to know the origin of the company or its activity in other countries, but the Iraqi official to disclose what he described as “help from friends in one country, explained the fact of this company and details.” “It was agreed with the company in Jordan, which played a role in completing the agreement because of the urgent need to reopen the Baghdad-Amman road to restore the flow of crude oil from Iraq and the resumption of the dry canal between the two countries, which amounted to trade exchange between the two countries $ 12 billion in 2013, And the signing of the contract in Baghdad in the presence of the son-in-law of US President Donald Trump, businessman Jared Kouchner, during his visit to Baghdad in April.

Al-Rubaie said in an interview with the Iraqi television station “Al-Tijah” that broadcasts from Baghdad, that “Blackwater” changed its name to the company “Constalts”, and then to “Olive” and is ready to return to its new solution was able to obtain a tender Receiving, maintaining and securing the international line connecting Baghdad with Oman. “The company’s headquarters are surrounded by strict security measures that prevent journalists from reaching it to verify its identity. Security personnel deployed outside the building refused to allow the new Arab team to enter Baghdad to meet officials.

The man who managed to escape from Baghdad airport at the end of 2007 for fear of being arrested by the Iraqi judicial authorities after the Eagles massacre , Edward Troy, is himself one of those who will manage the implementation of the company’s contract with Iraq in connection with the international highway with Jordan. He has recently arrived in Amman to arrange some logistics aspects of the new contract, but his permanent location will be in Abu Dhabi, where the company’s headquarters is located in the Safarat area in an independent building adjacent to the homes of senior company officials. There is a common residential compound for security workers, not far from the company’s headquarters. The area is almost a closed box for the company and its employees. Among them were Abu Dhabi officials responsible for the development of the local police, monitoring and analysis of information, many personalities such as former British special forces officer James Finch. In return for the Iraqi intelligence records obtained by the “New Arab” with the help of Iraqi officers, Finch carried the AQ780065 in a license document provided to him by the Iraqi Interior Ministry in 2005 as a member of a US security company, Blackwater, and revoked his license after the company was expelled from Iraq.

The company’s members are involved in unethical operations in favor of Abu Dhabi in various Arab countries

Returning to Baghdad, Iraqi officials, ranging from government spokesman Saad al-Hadithi to Anbar governor Suhaib al-Rawi, to the chairman of the security and defense committee, al-Zamili governor, and other officials such as al-Anbar Provincial Vice President Faleh al-Issawi, “A private US security company.” Some of them are working for the first time in Iraq when they announce an agreement with Olive, which Zamil said is “going to work differently from companies that have previously worked in Iraq for security.” This is confirmed by the talk of a former Blackwater employee, Nabil Shaddad, that she works outside Abu Dhabi as an American because of the nationalities of its officials and their relations with American ambassadors and diplomats working in the Middle East, which is the current environment of the company. “The contract with the government was finally signed, and the international road will make a lot of money. This is the first investment by the government in the security sector, as the company will provide security and services on the road,” Zamili said. And its supervision. “ “We have asked the government to be vigilant and take guarantees from the company, especially as it is the first time that such a company will be dealt with in the field of economic security of Iraq.” The five-year contract includes road maintenance, bridge repair, construction of break stations, security monitoring centers, fuel stations and various restaurants along the road before resuming the use of the road, he said, adding that the company will provide surveillance helicopters and other armed to ensure the cessation of insurgent attacks.

In this context, the leader of the Iraqi Civil Trend, Hossam al-Issa, is likely to inform the Iraqi government of these details, but it is condoned for political reasons not related to Emiratis but to those who lead the company’s joints from Americans. “The involvement of Jared Kouchner, who seems to have a financial interest in it, is a clear negotiating process,” he told The New Arab. “The US forces in Iraq know this company well and will cooperate with it and even facilitate its work with the government, and has already dealt with in different environments such as Afghanistan and Iraq as well.” “It is in the interests of the US military that there is a partner better known than a new one who has no idea of ​​dealing with it in a province like Anbar, where there are about 3,000 American troops,” he said.

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