Abaob presents its services for the reconstruction of Mosul , along the lines of “Marshall”

 Twilight News    

 2 hours ago
Twilight News / Former Mayor of Baghdad, Naim Abaob on Friday expressed its readiness to develop what he called a modern vision for the reconstruction of the city of Mosul after its liberation from the organization Daesh along the lines of the Marshall Plan.
The Marshall Plan is the economic project for the reconstruction of Europe after World War II, developed by the end of General George Marshall Chief of Staff of the US Army staff during World War II, US Secretary of State since January 1947.
He said Abaob in a press statement reported to Twilight News, “We confirm our readiness to employ our expertise in the field of services and reconstruction in the development of a vision and a program of work integrated along the lines of the Marshall Plan for the reconstruction or Rabiein damaged by the acts of heinous and systematic destruction of the right to their neighborhoods and facilities and service areas of archaeological by honking Daesh terrorist. ”
 He added that “This is an invitation to all specialists, engineers, architects, technicians and specialized companies in the field of building and construction inside and outside Iraq to our participation in the development of ideas, plans and visions, proposals and come up with recommendations and action programs form the foundation and the basis for the springboard for the reconstruction of the city of Mosul as part of a national effort voluntarily reflects the fulfillment of our country and our people.” 
He explained Ababob by saying, “already, and we have implemented a service and construction projects in a number of Baghdad neighborhoods that were to destruction because of terrorism, especially the credit and Apo Seven Street Mutanabi areas as well as the rehabilitation of monuments, statues and areas of archaeological and heritage similar to revive the old Mosul.”
He pointed out that “this opportunity to congratulate our security forces this victory and undermine the foundations of cross-border terrorism and shattering the dreams of his masters and his backers Bbtoulathm and their sacrifices after they have made their bodies a bridge to cross the country to safety and draw the greatness of their deeds and the nobility of their giving plate Shoumoukh and victory in the battle of sovereignty and national dignity.”
The Abaob of controversial figures in Iraq, and was facing considerable criticism during his tenure as Mayor of Baghdad due to poor public services in the capital.
As it was raised because of the taunts and making fun of controversial statements such as that Baghdad is better than Dubai United Arab Emirates city, and that the high level of rain water in the streets of Baghdad, due to a rock and put one of them intentionally in the course of the discharge of water.


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