Abadi, the Supreme .. reference fighters are most entitled to raise the banner of victory in Mosul



Since 06/30/2017 16:49 am (Baghdad time)

BAGHDAD – The balance of News

The Prime Minister General Commander of the Armed Forces Haider al-Abadi, on Friday, expressed his thanks for the supreme religious authority of Mr. Ali al-Sistani, for his continued support for fighters in their war against the terrorist organization Daesh, while stressing his eligibility fighters to raise the banner of victory in Mosul.

According to a statement of the Prime Minister’s Office / balance News, a copy of it, received the “Abadi expressed deep thanks and gratitude to the religious authority to serve as the Supreme of His Eminence Sayyid Ali al-Sistani, the great and continued support for the fighters heroes and sacrifices those who care in various forms and formations of our armed forces, who made the great epic and impressive victories over the past three years, the latest victory in the city of Mosul, a brilliant “, and assured him of” their right to raise the banner of their victory Bpsahlthm and their blood pure. ”

He praised Ebadi, the “call of the religious authority to achieve the peaceful coexistence of social security for the move away from any sectarian conflict or sectarian,” asserting that “these positions of historical reference religious culminating in their positions defending Iraq and its people, particularly the fatwa Ulkipaia Jihad saved by Iraq and paved the way victory” .

This was declared commander of the armed forces, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, on Thursday, the end of the “mini-state of falsehood Aldaashah” after re-Nouri mosque and a beacon of humpback to the bosom of the nation by .29 / n 6 security forces




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