Rapid reaction reveals a number Aldoaash in the old Mosul


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{Baghdad: Euphrates News} confirmed pieces of the rapid reaction of the Federal Police Task Force on Thursday that the number of terrorists Daesh in the old city of Mosul does not exceed the 500 terrorist, referring to the release of dozens of civilians trapped by Daesh.
The media rapid reaction forces director, Abdul Hamid Hammadi, in a press statement that “our forces advancing in the medical healing area , which contains a large number of government buildings and held in which Daesh a number of civilians , ” pointing to “besiege three of the leaders of Daesh by the response band rapid. ”
He added that “these operations are going according to the goals set by the leadership of operations and supervised by the division commander directly , ” noting that he “was liberated a large number of civilians, where liberated our troops today twenty children were detained by Daesh in underground chambers , including 4 Azidiin and 12 elderly and transferred to safe places after the killing of Aldoaash who were holding them. ”
He stated that: “For the movements in the rest of the axes, the federal police continue to provide them according to set targets for clearing Farouk Street after fully edited.”
The media announced the rapid reaction forces manager, that “terrorists are trapped Daesh at approximately 800 meters , ” stressing that “the presence of civilians is what makes slow progress by the federal police and rapid reaction forces and the rest of the pieces.”
He added: “According to statistical leadership, the number of Aldoaash remaining no more than 500 terrorists have started throwing their weapons and hide in the homes but a large number of them wearing explosive belts.”

The Ministry of Defense announced on Thursday that the presence of Daesh in the city of Mosul has ended, after the restoration of security forces to control the big Nouri mosque in the old city of Mosul.
According to a brief statement of the ministry that “Daesh has not left him any controlled area in Mosul , as there is a complete breakdown in its ranks, and the security forces in front of her little to declare Mosul free Daesh” .anthy



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