Muthanna is preparing for the “Victory Week” celebrations on the daisy


Muthanna is preparing for the "Victory Week" celebrations on the daisy

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Al-Muthanna / Al-Ghad Press:
The local authority in the province of Muthanna announced on Thursday that the province will witness large events and celebrations, as soon as Prime Minister Haider al-Abbadi announced the victory week to organize a rally, after the announcement of the liberation of Mosul in full.

“Prime Minister Haider al-Abbadi and the Secretary-General of the Council of Ministers have directed the provinces to prepare their own curriculum, including cultural, literary and national events, in each province separately, to celebrate the victory day of the terrorist gangs,” Al-Muthanna government media director Ahmad al-Mutuki told Al-Ghad Press. After the end of its existence and defeat in Mosul, which is hoped to be determined by the Prime Minister for a whole week, will be celebrated every province for a day or two.
“The curriculum of the media and communications department in Al-Muthanna province will include the holding of a photographic exhibition that documents the victories of the army and the popular crowd, and the festival of the first national song in the province, in collaboration with the Artists Syndicate of Muthanna Branch, in addition to the Poetry Festival in cooperation with the Association of Popular Poets. For our armed forces. “
“This announcement will include the platform and activities of the media and communications department only, while the other institutions of the province will witness celebrations and other celebrations, in addition to the civil society organizations that are hoping to go out with popular rallies, during which Muthanna will witness spontaneous rallies during which the Iraqi media will only celebrate the victory. Terrorist gangs.


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