International coalition: Iraqi government will announce victory soon and it will decide the next battle


The International Coalition confirmed the battle was difficult and complex, and drew the coalition in a statement, that the Iraqi army showed a strong determination in the war, against the organization calling for the terrorist and the liberation of Mosul

The spokesman of the International Coalition Col. Ryan Dillon said that the elements of the terrorist organization are present only in the old city of Mosul and that the Iraqi forces are completely surrounding them. He stressed that the Iraqi government will declare victory soon in the city of Mosul. Colonel Dillon, that the international coalition, continues to support Iraq, in its war against terrorism until the restoration of stability.

The International Coalition has confirmed that the elements of the organization calling the terrorist, remaining in the west of Mosul, estimated at 200 fighters, stressing the need for Iraqi forces, and coalition forces fast enough, to save the people from the famine, which they live with every moment passing, Battle of liberating the city.


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