Federal commander: the incursion in Al-Farouk Street to complete editing operations


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[Mosul: Wayne]
Federal Police team leader Raed Shaker Jawdat announced that four teams from the Federal Police launched an incursion from Farouk Street , the old city center towards the door of the brick areas and Aserjkhanh new door and the door of Lagash to regain control and expel terrorist groups from them.
He said Jawdat in a press statement that ” the federal police units in the south of the old city ahead of thethree axes towards its goals backed Btiran army and aircraft monitoring the march and engaged in vicious clashes with Daesh gangs of terrorist elements who number around 300 terrorists.
Among Jawdat said his forces to impose its control over 70% of the old city and cost the enemy great losses inlives and equipment.

He said the team Jawdat forces killed 63 terrorists , including five leaders, led by terrorist Abu Ahmed al -Jubouri, Minister of military police Bureau and the terrorist Abu Fatima Ansari , a military official at the right side Moroccan nationality and terrorism Abu Anas Syrian detachments official at the right side and theterrorist Abu paper cloak official on the right side.

Destroyed 14 wheel bombs and 52 explosive device and 6 barracks Doaash and seized chemicals and explosive belts and heavy weapons variety depot projectiles of war.

He revealed Jawdat about the presence of nearly 5,000 civilians were detained Aldoaash battling his troops valiantly high and tactics to save them from the grip of terrorists.



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