Urgent Joint Operations announces the release of 50% of the old Mosul


History of edits:: 2017/6/27 21:4216 times readable
Joint Special Operations Command release 50% of the old Mosul announced.
A statement by the Joint Special Operations Command received [where] a copy of it today , “anti – terrorism forces and the band 16 Army and the Federal Police locked edit old Mosul operations and made up to this evening edit 50% of the old city area.”
“Either the remaining areas of the neighborhood is liberated is Farouk 2, Dear Sirs Ahmadiyya area, Ras Alcor, including the Katunah Abdul Khob and Shahwan, and the field , including the Prophet Zarzis and Al – Nouri mosque and humpback Kleiaat and Imam Ibrahim, the new door and inclusive of the time zone, the door of brick, including al – Najafi market and small market and bridge old iron, and Aserjkhanh. ”
He noted the ” The remaining area of 850 m × 1700 m, and your troops continuing military operations with all the stability and the will to liberate the remaining areas to declare a complete victory, God willing, and we call upon all media accuracy and taking positions from the official source.”

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