Maliki: an era Daesh ended in Iraq


History of edits:: 2017/6/27 19:3965 times readable
{Baghdad: Euphrates News} Vice President Nuri al-Maliki announced the end of the stage of guerrilla Daesh terrorist in Iraq after the armed forces had managed the popular crowd and of inflicting heavy defeat of those gangs.
A statement from his office received by the agency {Euphrates News} al – Maliki said in his speech today at a ceremony to rally his clans Khafajah Babil province that “Iraq has successfully managed to overcome the challenges faced since the fall of the regime and the entry of foreign troops, as it managed to defeat the armed aggregates that the occupiers claim to fight and working on targeting official institutions and infrastructure in order to overthrow the new democratic experiment in Iraq, and succeeded in taking out foreign troops. ”
“And despite all the challenges and Almarqlat but we managed to continue to work and thwarted the evil designs, and continued: Today bet enemies also to destroy Iraq and dividing it through sedition demonstrations and the tents of the sit -in and then the formation Daesh but thanks to God , was the tomb of sedition liberation of the land and the elimination of the criminal organization of the sacrifices of the sons of the crowd popular security forces. ”
The vice president of the republic that “Iraq is one unified country governed by the Constitution and the wills of national history positions supervisor, indicating that the demand for a referendum for self – determination on a national or sectarian basis is a violation of the law because the Iraqi constitution , which does not contain a so – called self – determination.”
And that “Iraq does not have the so – called minority, everyone are the sons of the country and all of them are equal in rights and duties.”
He expressed “worry that under the title of openness with the outside sneaks countries supporting terrorism and achieve its objectives at home by holding Almutmrat abroad.”
Maliki has demanded the state institutions under the auspices of the private sector in Iraq and businessmen, and attention to the agricultural side and re – activation of the agricultural initiative and activating the educational initiative and sending scholarships as well as housing initiative, pointing to the need to pay attention to the service side in Iraq after the final salvation of terrorism. is over



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