The deployment of US military units in the Euphrates Valley triangle between Iraq, Jordan and Syria New Arab Mosul

انتشار عسكري أميركي بالمثلث الحدودي بين العراق والأردن وسورية

25 June 2017

Tribal and tribal sources in Anbar confirmed the deployment of US units near the border triangle between Iraq, Jordan and Syria in the Wadi al-Qatah, in the western Anbar desert, in a new step apparently aimed at preventing the expansion of armed factions loyal to Iran in that region. Three armed factions, including the Iraqi Hizballah, Kharasani and Najbaa, are stationed in the Syrian Al-Tanf area.
This comes amid renewed fighting since   morning   Today   Sunday,   In the town   Old ,   Central Mosul .

Iraqi forces in the Anbar province bordering Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Syria, confirmed by a senior political official of the “New Arab”, said that American forces, backed by an air cover of Apache helicopters, accompanied by Iraqi forces, especially with clan militants, spread yesterday in a desert area near the border with Jordan South, and Syria to the north , in a triangle opposite Syria Al-Tanf, and the Jordan Valley area.

According to the same sources, the deployment, which took place in an area called the Valley of Extrusion, may be aimed at preventing the expansion of armed factions loyal to Iran in that region, or the return of ” calling ” to it.

In the context of the battles in Mosul, the deputy commander of the northern axis in the operations of Mosul, Brigadier Hassan Ibrahim, the “new Arab”, the fighting resumed today more widely not to give an opportunity to “organize” to organize, expected to number about 200 elements.

Ibrahim said that the joint forces involved in the attack, namely the Iraqi army, federal police, anti-terrorism apparatus, and rapid intervention forces are applied to the last third of the old square of the Nuri Mosque and the destroyed Hadba, adding that the fighting will continue unceasingly during Eid.

Monitoring the movement of large frames to organize “Daqash” last night on the Iraqi-Syrian border

In the meantime, leaked information from the headquarters of the Iraqi army in Mosul, according to monitoring the movement of large pillars of the organization, “Daash” last night on the Iraqi-Syrian border on the north with the Syrian Deir Al-Zour, likely to be an important figure in the organization left Iraq to Syria.

According to Iraqi Army sources, recent reports confirm that the leader of “Daash”, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi , was not correct and that he travels in desert areas between Iraq and Syria, with his aides and his protection personnel, frequently, as he does not stay in one area for more than one day.


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