Statement: army controls the situation in the neighborhood “Tanak”

 Twilight News    

 24 minutes ago
Twilight News / announced media war a cell enables anti-terrorism forces, an elite army forces foiled an attack to organize Daesh on the right coast Tanak neighborhood of Mosul on Sunday.
It said cell in a statement reported to Twilight News, said that “some elements of the terrorist Daesh tried to sneak into Tanak neighborhood in a failed attempt to them.”
She added that “pieces of anti-terrorism device with support from the army aviation surrounded the place and killed many of them were to control the situation.”
Cell and referred to “the stability of the region and the survival of the citizens,” adding that “inspections and redeployment are still continuing.”
A security source had told Twilight News that “the organization Daesh launched a series of attacks on neighborhoods Tanak and the stoning of iron and Yarmouk within the right side of the city of Mosul.”
He added that “hundreds of families fled these neighborhoods in the attack,” noting that “the militants Daesh set fire to the homes of residents of the area.”


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