A military spokesman: Daesh controls only 1% of the old Mosul

 Twilight News    
 one hour ago
Twilight News / joint operations spokesman said on Sunday that the organization is controlled Daesh less than one percent of the old Mosul in the right coast of the city of Mosul after the progress of the Iraqi forces in the region of three axes.
He explained Brigadier General Yahya in an audio messenger distributed to the media, including Twilight News recording that “military forces continue to progress in the area of ​​al-Faruq also seized control of parts of the viewing area northwest of the old Mosul.
He added that “anti-terrorism forces continue to turn the progress of the West in the area of ​​al-Faruq and went to Farouk Street,” which is a main street is located deep in the old area.
Messenger and continued that “in the southern axis of the Federal Police forces continue to progress in a serious head area and the new door and the door of the eggs towards the Khazraj area is still continuing progress of these forces.”
He pointed out that military operations continue to entrust Joy “significant” by the Iraqi Army Air.
And on civilians, the messenger said, “What concerns us is the process of evacuating residents as employed by the organization as human shields,” noting that “the Iraqi forces were able to open safe corridors were thousands of people evacuated and transferred to the stomach for sheltering and providing medical and humanitarian support to them areas.”
The Messenger by saying, “left from the old city of Mosul, only less than one percent,” he said. “The remaining areas are parts of the regions of Khazraj and viewing area of ​​the Prophet Zarzis and Srjkhanh and Ras Al Khor and parts of the door of a brick.”
And on the medical complex at Shifa neighborhood, Messenger said, “The rapid reaction cuts of the Federal Police cordoned off the continuing medical complex Republican and the hospital are targeted elements Daesh trapped.”
He continued by saying, “as well as continue clearing the northern and southern part of the neighborhood after Armored Division troops edited ninth army also seized control of the fifth bridge.”


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