The War Media Cell announces the “collapse” of the ranks of the old city and the size of the organization’s losses


The War Media Cell announces the "collapse" of the ranks of the old city and the size of the organization's losses

5 hours ago
Last updated
11:35 AM

The military information cell reported on Saturday the size of the terrorist organization’s losses in Mosul, where security forces killed 115 terrorists and destroyed buildings, extensions, weapons and enemy equipment at the scene.

“The leadership of the federal police forces continues to fight in the southern axis and progress towards its targets in the Old City, the last area under the control of terrorist elements,” the cell said in a statement.
“The Old City is still besieged by the security forces, and progress is made on three axes. It is divided into three areas. It is divided into 5 streets, 6 square meters. It has progressed deep into the old city and continues to pursue terrorist elements.”
“The strikes targeted heavy losses in persons, weapons and equipment, and the units were assigned by the Air Force, the Air Force, the Marines and the artillery.”
“The security forces managed to kill 115 terrorists, 12 snipers, as well as the destruction of two warehouses, 10 explosive devices and a mortar.”
“The forces also managed to destroy a mine and four additives for Daish after dismantling an explosive belt of the terrorist organization in the old city,” she said.
“The rapid reaction squad continues to clean up the liberated areas and surrounds the Republican Hospital in Al-Shifa district of old Mosul,” it said.
The head of the federal police, Major General Raed Shaker Jawdat, announced on Friday, the liberation of the Church of Shimon in Bab al-Egg in the right of Mosul, stressing the destruction of 7 vital objectives of the organization of a hasty in the door of eggs and a new door.


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