Media war: Daesh boxed three axes of the last strongholds and the outcome of its losses

 Twilight News    

 4 hours ago

Twilight News / media reported military cell on Saturday that the organization Daesh boxed three axes in the last strongholds in the city of Mosul, the old region, announcing the killing of dozens of members of the militant group during the progress of the Iraqi forces in that region.
She said the cell in a statement, said that the leadership of the federal police forces continue to run in battles in the southern axis and progress towards the goals set out in the old city, the last areas under the control of terrorist elements.
The statement added that the region is still besieged by our units, and progress on three axes Vq 3 a u according to 5 ASHA according to 6 ASHA has made progress in the depth of the old city and pursuing terrorist elements, support way by saying that painful blows to their strongholds have rolled broke down the ranks of the enemy as a result of blows painful.
The statement said he was burdening Daesh many losses in human beings, weapons and equipment were the pieces of evidence by the band mechanism and the Army Aviation and aircraft march and artillery, noting that the organization losses as follows: killed 115 terrorists, 12 sniper, dismantle an explosive belt number 1, and the destruction of the warehouse for moving equipment 2, Walker and destroy enemy number 1, and the destruction of 10 improvised explosive devices, mortar and detachment number 1, added to Daesh 4.
The cell ended its statement by saying that the rapid reaction task force continued to purge the liberated areas and besieged the Republican Hospital in the neighborhood of healing.


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