Iraqi forces close the gates of Fallujah and turn into a large prison ahead of Eid al-Fitr Baghdad Ahmed al-Nuaimi


24 June 2017

القوات العراقية تحوّل الفلوجة إلى سجن كبير قبيل العيد

Iraqi forces on Friday evening closed all the ports of the city of Falluja, especially the main eastern and western ports leading to the city center until further notice, and prevented thousands of patients, employees and passengers from crossing towards the capital Baghdad.

A security official in the police in Falluja said that “the joint Iraqi forces closed the perpetrators of Fallujah, the eastern leaders leading to the capital Baghdad, and the west leading to the rest of the cities of Anbar without announcing the reasons and to further notice.”

He explained in a statement to “the new Arab” that “very severe traffic witnessed by the checkpoint control falcons at the eastern port, leading to the capital Baghdad, from dawn until evening, and resulted in many cases of fainting among the citizens, most of whom were hospitalized , Especially the elderly. “

Thousands of cars have been packed at the checkpoint, especially as it is the only crossing to the capital, through which all the people of Anbar, not just the people of Fallujah, pass through.

The residents of Fallujah complained of anger and anger at the local and central governments in Anbar and Baghdad, due to the harsh measures around the city without cause, which caused fainting among the elderly, children and women, were taken to the hospital in Fallujah, and others were transferred to hospitals in the capital late Yesterday evening.

“The Iraqi forces deliberately humiliate the citizens at the falcon control checkpoint,” said Ouda al-Jubouri, a resident of Falluja. “I went out with my mother with heart valves to Baghdad for treatment at 5:30 am waiting for our turn in the traffic. Control of hawks only “.

Al-Jabouri told Al-Arab Al-Jadid that his mother was very mourned, adding: “I almost lost her because of it, the length of the wait, and the doctors saved her in Baghdad at the last minute. The graves of Fallujah, and dozens of citizens were also faint and taken to hospitals.

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