Abadi: Iraq has calculated a thousand account todayAbadi: Iraq reckoned with today

 Twilight News    

 27 minutes ago

Twilight News Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi / said on Saturday that his country’s position has been strengthened and he reckoned with on the international scene.

Abadi interview came during a meeting with a group of people killed in the bombing of Baghdad’s Karrada anniversary of the bombing that killed more than 300 people.
Ebadi said, according to a statement his office responded to the Twilight News, “We recall today the tragedy of Karrada not for the recovery of grief, but Nstzla proudly the great popular response to terrorism, and the idea of ​​excommunicating and hatred blind, where we were able to answer saa him, and our response was strong was revenge for every drop of blood Salt of a child and a young man and a woman and a man. ”
He added, “The goal of the crime of Karrada was killed life in Baghdad, but we were stronger than this gang and fragmentation that do not abide by the law of heaven, nor the laws of the land.”
Abadi pointed out that “Iraq today is reckoned with, and his status is enhanced, and we are optimistic about the future, Vantsaratna weakened Daesh and led to its collapse, and this was reflected in these gangs in Syria.”
And between the prime minister said that “the intelligence effort was able to detect hundreds of terrorist attacks, the enemy is trying to exploit any loophole after his defeat in the battle and failing in the face of our heroine.”


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