Russian parliamentarian: the possibility of the killing of al-Baghdadi is almost 100%


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[Oan- follow – up]
Chairman of the Defense Committee of the Federation Council of the Russian parliament , Viktor Ozerov said the Duma that the possibility of the killing of the leader of Abu Bakr al – Baghdadi Daesh almost certainly 100 percent.
The agency quoted Russia’s Interfax news agency as saying about Ozerov “I think that this information isapproaching 100 percent.”
” The fact that [Daesh] has not yet been pictures of him anywhere reinforces our confidence that al -Baghdadi was killed.”
The Russian Defense Ministry had earlier announced that the preliminary results indicate that the raid on Daesh sites near tenderness in Syria at the end of last May resulted in the killing of al – Baghdadi.
The Deputy Russian Foreign Minister, Oleg Saromulotov, on Thursday, that there is a high probability liquidation of al – Baghdadi, and eliminate the Russian air strike.
The international coalition led by the United States , said he could not confirm Russian reports that al -Baghdadi may have been killed.


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