Reports: Two officers from the Saddam-era candidates to succeed if Baghdadi was confirmed dead

BAGHDAD – Iraq Press – June 24: If confirmed news of the death of the leader of al-Baghdadi Daesh Abu Bakr it is likely to be one of the largest aides Monday his successor and two former officers in Saddam Hussein’s army.



Experts in the affairs of Islamic groups and does not see a clear candidate to succeed al-Baghdadi, but they are considered Iyad al-Obeidi and Ayad Jumaili the strongest candidates, although not likely to have any of them as the “Caliph”.



The Russian Defense Ministry said last week that al-Baghdadi was killed probably in an air strike in Syria, was quoted by Interfax news agency senior Russian parliamentarian said on Friday that the chances of his death is approaching 100 percent.



But armed groups fighting in the region, and US officials say there is no evidence of his death and through many officials in the region skeptical reports about his death.



The al-Obeidi, and is in the fifties of the Ministry of War in the organization while the old heads in the forties Jumaili and is the agency responsible for security in the organization.



Iraqi state television in April and said that Jumaili was killed but that has not been confirmed yet.



The two men had joined the Salafist insurgency in Iraq in 2003 following the invasion led by the United States that toppled Saddam Hussein.



The two became the most important aide to al-Baghdadi, since the killing of his deputy, Abu Ali and Abu Omar al-Anbari Chechen war minister and former organization Abu Mohammed Joulani propaganda official in the air strikes last year.



He said Hisham al-Hashemi, an expert on armed groups, “al-Obeidi Jumaili admits seniority but not Baghdadi Khalifa declared and according to circumstances, it is possible that either of them.”



He announced Baghdadi himself Khalifa in 2014 and is unlikely to become any of the al-Obeidi, or Jumaili Khalifa proved their religious status and because the organization lost a lot of land, which was controlled.



Hashemi said “the Caliph to have a land of empowerment is governed under” Islamic law “, and if this is not available, his successor is not only the Prince Khalifa.”



Baghdadi was born, the real Ibrahim Awad al-Samarrai and his name, in 1971 and descended from a family of preachers and studied Islamic law in Baghdad.



The need to choose the new leader of the organization to the approval of the Shura Council, the group composed of eight members. It is unlikely that the eight members meet security concerns and their views would be taken through the apostles.



Shura Council comprises six Iraqis, Jordanians and Saudis, all of whom took part in the movement of the Salafist insurgency.The ninth member was killed, a Bahraini, in an air strike in late May.



In Washington, US intelligence officials said they believed that the organization Daesh transfer most of its leaders to the fields in the Euphrates valley in Syria to the south-east of the besieged stronghold of the group in tenderness.



He added that among the operations that have been transferred to the fields, located 80 kilometers west of the Iraqi border, the process of advertising online. Q ended


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