Our troops are approaching the resolution of the battle right coast

6/24/2017 0:00

The confluence of the pieces surging from the south and west axes of
Mosul / morning

security forces imposed to participate in the liberation of Ayman al- Mosul operation, absolute control over the entrances to the old city, during the battle that resulted in the siege of Al – Nouri mosque, killing dozens of terrorists in it, as well as achieving the seam between the pieces Almtoglp of the two axes South and west, following the heroic Khodahma street battles, resulted in the liberation of a mosque Hamidin and the clock, and it approached the control of the Church of Simeon.

Heroic operations in the old city of Mosul Ayman, was accompanied by another military success on the border between the Iraq and Syria, represented in the treatment of heroes of the crowd, terrorist gatherings in the nearby hill station border villages labeled , .

In an image of defeat and the collapse of the terrorist organization, it proceeded leaders “Daesh” after news of approaching the resolution of the battle of Ayman al- Mosul, to flee en masse from the city of Tal Afar, and the withdrawal of the imams of the mosques there before Friday prayers, which caused a state of great panic among the members of that gang.

He said the federal police team leader Raed Shakir Jawdat, in a brief statement, ” The police freed collector federal cuts Hamidin in white door and progressing to control the Church of Simeon.”

He Jawdat in another statement, that “penetrated our units , from the southern axis and made contact with the pieces of Almtoglp from the west towards the depth of the old city.”

A security source also said the correspondent of the “morning” in Mosul, that ” the security forces imposed in full control over the area and killed 15 Daashaa , including leading figures of prominent.”

The source added, ” The troops are approaching from Khalid Bin Al Waleed Street , ” adding that these forces are engaged in a battle with the elements of the streets of heroic Daesh at the center of the door of the brick and the door of the eggs , which Yushkan editing in full after the arrival of reinforcements for the security forces. ”

In a flash aired on Al- Iraqiya, said a security source, that all the old areas of the city, became in the range of our heroine fire, which can accelerate significantly the resolution of the battle over the next few days, indicating that the Champions Armored Division IX, surrounded three ministers “Daesh” alleged, north of the old city.

In the meantime, intelligence sources reported from inside Shifa neighborhood in the old city, that the security forces explosives official killed when Daesh gangs terrorist, called “Abu Furkan Musli” process quality carried out by security forces at night, as well as to finish off the 15 terrorists Daesh were present in a downtown neighborhood of homes. ”

In conjunction with the great progress made in the old city of Mosul , Ayman, reinforced the heroes of the popular crowd, caught ground operations in the Iraqi – Syrian border, in order to cut off all supplies between “Daesh” gangs.

According to a statement to inform the crowd that ” the backing of the missile brigade 28 in the popular crowd dealt with targets and a gathering of terrorists Daesh in the border villages between Iraq and Syria from the border station Tel labeled , “.

He added that “strikes resulted in the achievement of direct casualties in the ranks of the enemy , where they were seen fleeing.”

He noted that “According to intelligence, the terrorists were planning Daesh exposure towards the popular pieces of the crowd scattered on the border between Iraq

and Syria.”

Furthermore, according to a local source in Nineveh province, on Friday, that the organization of preachers “Daesh” suddenly withdrew from three mosques before Friday prayers in the district of Tal Afar.

The source said: ” The preachers Daesh and individuals to protect them suddenly withdrew from three mosques in the district of Tal Afar , west of the center of Nineveh before Friday prayers.”

The source added that ” the withdrawal of the speakers was too fast, prompting the congregation to come out with haste and some were running amid a state of confusion and chaos most areas of

 Tal Afar.”

طباعة إرسل الموضوع الى صديق 


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