of Iraqi forces creeps toward the heart of the old Mosul

Iraqi forces creeps toward the heart of the old Mosul
16 minutes ago

Twilight News / Iraqi forces advanced in the streets Itlakien in the heart of the old city of Mosul on Friday and said it aims to open corridors for civilians to flee from another foothold to organize Daesh in the city.

The lead units of the United States trained on the cities of fighting a war in the maze of narrow streets of the old city another neighborhood is still under the control of the militant group.

The hopes of the Iraqi authorities declaration of victory in the northern city of the country Eid al-Fitr holiday in the next few days.

Military analysts say the pace of progress will increase government forces after the feet of fighters from the organization of the bombing of Al-Nouri Grand Mosque which was built by the 850-year-old minaret “humpback” famous on Wednesday.

And its destruction would give government forces greater freedom in the attack without worrying about damage to the archaeological site.

And on the platform of the mosque three years ago, the commander of the organization of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi declared state “caliphate” in parts of Syria and Iraq.

It provides the international coalition led by the United States in support of air and ground has been going on for eight months of the campaign to flush out militants from their main stronghold in Iraq.

Showed a map published by the Information Office of the Iraqi forces, members of the anti-terrorism device as they move in Farouk Street from north to south and in the Nineveh street from east to west.

And it joined Alstreetan in the heart of the old city. When the Iraqi forces up to this point Saazlon then the remnants of the remaining fighters Daesh in four separate pockets.

An Iraqi military spokesman said that “the goal is to open corridors for the evacuation of civilians, and we use loudspeakers to give them instructions when it can.”

There are more than 100 thousand civilians, half of them children in an old dilapidated homes in the same neighborhood and suffering shortages of food, water and treatment.

According to aid organizations that Daesh prevent many of them from leaving with their use as human shields. And the killing of hundreds of civilians while fleeing from the old city in the past three weeks.

* The ruins of the “humpback”

The Iraqi government hopes initially in control of Mosul by the end of last year, but the bloody campaign extended to militants while strengthening their positions in civilian areas and carrying out bombings, car and motorcycle bombs and booby traps, and they continue to sniper fire and mortar.

The restricted area is still under the control of the organization on two square kilometers along the West Bank of the River Tigris, which divides the city into two parts space.

The fall of Mosul will serve as the end of the Iraqi part of the state as a structure “Caliphate” but the organization will continue to dominate large areas of Iraq and Syria.

Organization and broadcast video footage of the remaining from the minaret of the mosque “humpback” square base shows amid a mountain of rubble while appeared on the nearby cars were damaged.

The destruction of the mosque sparked outrage and sorrow among the population of Mosul.

The flag flap black organization on the minaret with a height of 45 meters since June 2014. Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said the militants decision to destroy the mosque’s recognition of them defeat.

Leaving Baghdadi fighting in Mosul, local leaders are supposed to be hiding in the Iraqi-Syrian border area. There was no confirmation of reports that Russian reported killed.

In Syria, about an alliance led by the Kurds and enjoys the support of the US siege of tenderness, the main stronghold of the Daesh in Syria.





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