Demonstrations in Iran following the bankruptcy of banks and their inability to pay deposits





Demonstrations in Iran following the bankruptcy of banks and their inability to pay deposits


23-06-2017 06:00 PMThe Euphrates –

Iranian police have attacked dozens of claimants for their money after gathering in front of the financial institution of Thamin in Tehran.

Iranian agencies have posted photographs and video clips of protest rallies for dozens of people affected by the organization’s doors in all provinces demanding money back before official bankruptcy.

“After the attack by the Iranian police forces and beating them into the community, they stole our money and then attacked us,” said one protester on YouTube.

The BBC website Farsi, quoting sources in the capital Tehran, said police clashed with protesters after chanting slogans to retrieve deposits from the government-backed institution.

According to Iranian websites, the two were surrounded by the head of the institution, who was inside the building, and the police came to rescue him from the angry protesters after the financial institution refused to retrieve the deposits.

Although the institution published a statement, mid-week, denied the bankruptcy, but Iranian sites confirm that the institution closed many of its branches in the provinces of Iran; after failing to implement the requests of auditors, and the financial institutions ‘Kaspin’ and ‘Arman’ Iran have raised months ago A sensation within the country, after they failed to return investors’ money.

He described the Iranian Minister of Industry, Minerals and Trade, the economic crisis, previously, as ‘acute and intractable’, asserting that the Iranian banks were paralyzed completely.

“We must admit today that banks in the country have been completely paralyzed and unable to pay deposits and profit,” he said. And the legitimate bank benefits of citizens’.

“The problem we face today in the banking sector is the difficulty of reforming the banking system in Iran, as the dilemma is linked to the foundation and the wrong construction of this important financial system.

He pointed out that the financial crisis in the country included various sectors vital and important, in different proportions, such as agriculture, industry, minerals and trade.

Financial and administrative corruption has spread in Iran, and Iranian banks continue to suffer from the problem of non-performing loans, isolating them from the global system because of the sanctions imposed on them.


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