Security expert: Old City military editor and the declaration of the fall of Mosul Daesh at the feast


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{Baghdad: Euphrates News} said security expert Amir al-Saadi, on Wednesday, that the old city in the right side of the city of Mosul, is a “military liberated”.
According to Saadi, told {Euphrates News} “, in military terms is considered old Mosul editor,” adding that “warning the fight against terrorism Doaash this evening that they are trapped and have until tonight to surrender and otherwise they will be the target of forces, so it was nothing left before the declaration of the fall of the Caliphate alleged Daesh only a few hours. ”
Saadi expected announcement edit the old city, “with the dawn of tomorrow and get to the big Nouri Mosque, and separates us only one week with the advent of Eid al – Fitr is declared full liberation right coast.”
He added, “There is more than one hand to lead the joint operations after the liberation of the right side of the connector, and can be the next point based be with previous promises to Ebadi to Hawijah after the announcement of the state of the mountain in Kirkuk , the terrorist organization could require a review of the priorities of joint operations to hunt down Daesh in this region as well as Shirqat desert Hamrin and Samarra “.anthy

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