NHCR: Iraqi forces are engaged in the largest and most powerful wars since World War II

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Since 06/21/2017 14:11 am (Baghdad time)

Baghdad balances News

Expected UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) representative in Iraq, Bruno Gedo for a large influx of displaced people from the old city in western Mosul, where Iraqi forces continue their attack on another Daesh sites.

Guido said in an interview published by Agence France-Presse: “There are a number of civilians still trapped in the old city, and are used primarily as human shields. No one is sure of the number but could be about one hundred thousand, and perhaps more.”

“We expect eventually to see a large-scale influx of the old city, and now we continue the preparations for this last installment, if I say, displaced from Mosul.”

He said Gedo that Mosul, the process is “one of the largest urban wars since World War II, so we’re talking about a situation that has no comparison in modern history, but also we have to be quick, to be flexible, to be willing to deal with what can not be predicted . every day a new element enters the equation. ”

Since the start of military operations in October / October, displaced about 862 thousand people from Mosul, he returned them about 195 thousand, mostly to the east of the city areas.

Gedo and pointed out that “the development of the ancient inhabitants of Mosul is very difficult, they know that if they tried to escape facing the risk of death, and if remained at risk of death, this is a very difficult choice.”

He stressed that “the objective is to put the protection of civilians at the heart of military operations. We continue to call on until, in battles, respect for the principles of prudence and discrimination and proportionality, to ensure that the lives of civilians and their property are protected to the greatest extent possible.”

Iraqi forces are locked in battles in other neighborhoods under the control of Daesh in the old city in western Mosul, under attack it started eight months ago and which managed to expel the extremist organization of the bulk of Almedinh.anthy 29




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