Joint Operations: “Daesh” suffers a collapse in the old Mosul


– 6/20/2017 11:53:00 AM104 Number of readings


Khandan –

Brigadier General Yahya said a spokesman for the Messenger Joint Special Operations Command, said that the organization “Daesh” terrorist suffers a collapse in the old Mosul area west side of the city of Mosul.

Brigadier – General Yahya messenger told the agency “Anatolia” on Tuesday that “Daesh suffers a collapse in other locations his neighborhoods of old city inspired healing the western side of the connector, and accompanied by rapid progress achieved by the Armored Division forces ninth day, the liberation of a number of sites in the healing neighborhood” .

The spokesman for the Joint Special Operations Command, that ” the terrorist organization is still holding about 100 thousand civilians under duress and coercion and intimidation in the old city, and make great efforts to liberate civilians and secure the exit.”

The Messenger: “Our mission is primarily focused on securing the exit of civilians before releasing the neighborhoods.”

And Iraqi forces recovered today, the southern part of the healing neighborhood, and the fifth bridge, which were under the control of “Daesh”, making elements of the organization trapped in the old city and a medical complex in the neighborhood of healing.


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