Iraqi Trade Bank gets ISO 9001 certification



Samir Nasiri
Banking Advisor
The transition from the stage of drawing plans for economic reform and banking strategies to the stage of the application of reform policies after Daesh need qualified human cadres specialized and young able to broadcast the entrepreneurial spirit and creativity in the development of the economy and the leadership of the economic and banking institutions so changing some banking leaders since carrying the above specifications . Led to the secretion and achieve excellent results in their organizations they narrowed the traditional time accounts down to the planned targets as quickly as required accuracy and this is achieved in the Trade Bank of Iraq within a year of creative and continuous work where he managed the bank by winning as the first Iraqi financial and banking institution on the International Certificate International Standard ( ISO 9001) and quality management system and this is what was announced in Alramadannah evening hosted by the bank last week, which won the honor and the desirability of economic, financial and banking cadres present and the Association of Iraqi private banks was not this achievement is a First, but was preceded by great efforts made the bank where drawn targets task such as increasing its capital from (1.750) trillion dinars to (2,750) trillion dinars and the launch of new banking products for the purpose of attracting the savings of customers as a product (deserve) and achieved a net profit of an annual amount of (536.5) billion dinars for the year 2016 and its contribution to the financing of mega projects and signed agreements with (Standard Bank) and General Ketrbak co-financing for projects of electric power to the Ministry of Electricity.
To continue to achieve these achievements will inevitably in the banking reform that we all seek after Daesh so we wish all our banks, government and private walk this approach to our sector banking service and our national economy.

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