Iraq and Saudi Arabia call for the revitalization of the private sector and promote economic cooperation


Baghdad :

He called on Iraq and Saudi Arabia, on Tuesday, to activate the partnership between the sector ‘sin the two countries and open the prospect of a new of cooperation in the fields of economic , investment and trade  

Said a statement jointly between Iraq and Saudi Arabia at the end of the visit Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi to Saudi Arabia, briefed him ” Economy News ” , it is ” keen on taking all of the would consolidate the relations agreed countries to establish a Council of coordination between them to elevate relations to the level of strategic hoped and open prospects for new of cooperation in various fields of economic , development , trade , investment , tourism and cultural and activate the partnership between the sector ‘s in the two countries and follow up on the implementation of what is entered into the agreements and memoranda of understanding to achieve the goals of common . “

According to the statement, through the Chairman of the Council of Minister Haider al – Abadi for ” estimate the Government of Iraq to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on the expressed of support for the efforts being made in the re – reconstruction of Iraq .”


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