in a retaliatory move .. Mosul decided todeport the families of elements Daesh

In a retaliatory move .. Mosul families decide to migrate elements Daesh
13 minutes ago

Twilight News / Mosul district council decided on Tuesday to deport the families of the elements of the organization Daesh of the city and housed in their own camps under the pretext that its members need to rehabilitate them psychologically and intellectually.

According to a statement issued by the district council the city responded to the Twilight News, he has decided to “deport families Daesh from the city of Mosul, and not receiving families Daesh fleeing and deported to the city of Mosul from other districts and areas, and to create and customize their own camps and rehabilitation psychologically and intellectually and integrate them into society after confirming their response rehabilitation “.

The Council also decided “to rely on the housing card as an official document supports if the citizen of the inhabitants of the city of Mosul or not, stop displacement from the rest of the districts of the Nineveh province movement inside the city of Mosul, and stop the internal displacement movement, return all families to replace the original residence, which was inhabited by 10 before / 6/2014 with the exception of losing his residence. “

This is not the only development in the context of reprisals, mounting in Mosul and south of the recently against families was one of its members belonging to the organization Daesh or his loyalists.

The cities have seen bath and fresh Qayyarah and villages south of Mosul, reprisals, large-scale, where the oldest protesters are angry with victims of organizing Daesh attacking the homes of the families of elements Daesh and set fire to some of them.

The protesters gave the families of elements Daesh last week 72 to leave their homes and go to camps for displaced people, otherwise they will face “an unknown destiny.”

It seems that the escalation of revenge on his way to open a new door of the violence in Iraq.





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