Foiled the largest terrorist operation of the “Da’sh” in the Ayman Mosul


21/6/2017 12:00 am

Baghdad / Al-Sabah
The commander of the federal police, foiled the largest terrorist attack by gangs, “Da’ash” terrorist in the right coast of the city of Mosul, while a source in the Nineveh Provincial Council the existence of a special security plan after the liberation, indicating that the plan will focus on the intelligence side to prevent the infiltration of terrorists to “Raed Shaker Jawdat said in a press statement:” The organization “calling” the terrorist tried two days ago exposure to the line of repulsive operation of three axes at the same time. “
He added that “the first axis of the area of ​​Al-Farouk inside the sewage with more than 120 terrorists, and the second axis with more than 125 terrorists are calling along the line of the Tigris River, and the third axis is the passage of more than 100 terrorists swimming to the old area, “All these attempts were aborted, all the terrorists involved were killed, and their weapons and explosive belts were seized,” he said. “The biggest operation was foiled in Mosul.”
“The al-Nouri Mosque is only 600 meters from its current location,” Jawdat said, noting that “the military units as they advanced towards the targets were destroyed enemy lines of defense to reach the heart of the old area.”
He stressed that “the military units killed most of the enemy leaders who were holding vital facilities of the old area in Ayman Mosul.”
“The arrival of the resistance factions and the popular crowd to the Syrian border has dealt a severe blow to Wahhabism,” said Jawad Talibawi, a spokesman for the Popular Rally.
“The liberation of western Nineveh province was a blow to my supporters,” he said. “The areas of Baaj, Kairouan, Talbata, Tel Khazzaf, Tal El-Banat, Koujou and others are a gateway for the terrorists. They distributed gangs and managed to shoot down Mosul. In the province, “explaining that” the arrival of the popular mobilization forces is a strong blow to supporters of terrorism and impose control of the prestige of the state in the region as well as the support of security forces fighting within the center of the province. “
“The popular crowd is characterized by special expertise and tactics, and in Nineveh province, the situation requires the reliance on regular armies in their war against Da’ash.”
Nineveh Provincial Council member Abdel Rahman al-Waka’a announced the existence of a special security plan after the liberation of the city of Mosul, indicating that the plan will focus on the intelligence side to prevent infiltration of terrorists into the province.
Al-Waka’a said in a press statement: “A broad security plan will be launched after the liberation of Ayman al-Madina to control the security situation and prevent the infiltration of terrorists and carrying out suicide operations.”
He added that “the next battle will be intelligence to hold accountable any involved with the criminal organization and the verification of names that escaped or leaked across the administrative border, as well as hear statements by the parents against al-Daash,” adding that “the operation will depend on the security forces and intelligence.”



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