Abadi to visit Iran today to discuss post-Daesh stage and economic cooperation

History of edits:: 2017/6/20 9:48 

[Oan- Baghdad] 

visiting Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi and his accompanying delegation, on Tuesday, the Iranian capital Tehran from Saudi Arabia , which he visited yesterday in a regional tour that includes Kuwait.

Said Iranian Foreign Minister Hussein Gabri Ansari assistant, in a press statement on the visit of Abadi to Tehran: This visit is planned in advance and come under the current phase requirements and fall within Abadi , a tour of a number of countries in the region, it is natural that there should be coordination between the two countries on the latest developments in the region and Iraq. ” 

he added that” Iraq is on the cusp of a turning point in the fight against terrorism and extremism, after the recent victories of the Iraqi People’s Army and the crowd in Mosul and other areas where he began the countdown to the demise of terrorism and extremism in this country. ” 

said Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister, said that “Iraq is not As well as other developments emphasize the need for cooperation with neighboring countries. ” 

He explained that” relations between Iran and Iraq are deep relations based on mutual respect over the past five years , the last ten which Iraq has seen a significant change after 2003 to the new situation, and in these difficult conditions there are excellent and cooperative relations great between Iran and Iraq to pass this historic stage price less and more successes. ” 

He continued Ansari” during a visit Abadi will discuss strengthening relations between the two countries , as well as files related to these relations will be reviewed developments in Iraq in the fight against terrorism and the post Daesh and developments in the region . ” Arabs expressed hope “that the visit will be successful Abadi and in the two brotherly peoples of Iran and the Iraqi service.” 

In a related context he stressed Iran ‘s ambassador to Baghdad Iraj Masjedi, Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi ‘s visit to Iran will enter the Iraqi – Iranian relations , especially in the economic field a new phase. 

Commenting on the visit to Iran on Tuesday , said the mosques to IRNA, on Monday, saying that Iran will stand with all power to the government and people of Iraq in their confrontation security, political and economic challenges. ” 

He noted that” Ias Abadi , a visit to Iran comes in the framework of the meetings conducted continuously officials in the two countries , “pointing out that” Abadi will meet during the visit with senior Iranian officials and discuss with them bilateral relations of mutual interest and regional issues. ” 

he pointed out that” Iraq plays an important and positive role in addressing regional crises and that it represents one of institutional countries Rh in the fight against terrorism. ” 

He praised the performance of the Iraqi armed forces and the popular crowd in the fight against terrorism , ” adding that ” the sacrifices made by the Iraqi people and the armed forces and the popular crowd played an important role in isolating the terrorists in the region and the world.” 

The ambassador stressed that mosques “Iran is seeking to spread understanding and cooperation in the region and dialogue in order to solve the problems of this region.”



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