King Salman declares “open doors” for Iraq and presents areas of cooperation with 9

King Salman declares "open doors" for Iraq and presents areas of cooperation with 9
one hour ago

Twilight News / Search the Iraqi government with Haider al – Abadi Saudi King Salman bin Abdul Aziz ways to enhance cooperation and develop relations between Iraq and the Kingdom in all areas.
The transfer of Abadi ‘s office in a statement reported to Twilight News, King Salman , “Our hearts are open and all the doors wide open for cooperation with Iraq, and are ready to help and mutual cooperation in economic, trade, borders, sector, private, and businessmen, exchange of interests, and increase coordination in the face of terrorism, and cooperation to eliminate Daesh, and save common security. ”
“We are happy to visit you , and appreciate your efforts in the fight against terrorism and Mahakqtamoh in this area, and we thank God for the stability of Iraq and unite his people, wishing bilateral relations between the two countries further development.”
For his part , Abadi said , “seeking to establish a true and solid relationship and moving steps , confident and well thought out, and we came today with an open heart and willing to cooperate , after we have seen before you , great openness.”
He said we did not win the Daesh military force only, but we won our people and their cooperation when he did not distinguish between the Iraqi and another, and we respect the religious, nationalist and religious diversity , and we walk on this approach, and our relations based on the interests of our people and do not want to be part of the policy of axes, we keep in our diversified with the different countries of the world and neighboring on the independence of our decision, and the interests of our people and investigate our own security, stressing the importance of cooperation against terrorism and the elimination of terrorist gangs Daesh.


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